In this special episode, we hear from Claire, a secondary breast cancer patient who wants a better understanding of her condition in the medical field. 

People don’t understand what secondary breast cancer means 

Claire was initially diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer six years ago. After two years of treatment, she received the news that the cancer had spread to her bones, and it was now incurable. 

In this podcast, she speaks about all the aspects of her life that have been affected: her relationships with her family, her body image, her sex life, her struggles with work and money, and the chronic pain that is with her a lot of the time. 

Claire is currently taking the last licensed route of treatment available to her, and she wants to use the limited time she has to educate medical professionals and others about what it really means to have secondary breast cancer. 

Cancer is not a battle, it’s biology: cells getting out of control. There’s no fight, no winning, no losing. My best hope is that I will live long enough for the science to keep me going for longer.

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