The We Are Undefeatable campaign focuses on being active while managing long-term health conditions. We’re working with them to help people with breast cancer get the exercise they need. 

Exercise is medicine

This week, we are sharing our Facebook Live chat with our Clinical Nurse Specialist, Addie. She is joined by Lizzy Davies, a cancer exercise specialist.  

Everyone’s capabilities for exercise will be different during and after treatment, and that’s ok! As Lizzy explains, the trick is to find a level of activity that works for each individual. For some people, that might be managing fatigue and being able to do household chores. For others, it might mean training to a competitive level. 

Listen to hear Lizzy’s tips on maintaining and improving activity while managing the side effects of breast cancer treatment, and how you can find exercise that works for you. 

Sometimes you have to cherry pick the movements or the exercises you’re doing at different stages in your treatment... It’s having to kind of modify and adapt, just so you keep moving.


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