Today is the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) giving us a great platform to tell more people about breast cancer and the importance of early detection and breast awareness.

With more than 55000 breast cancer diagnoses every year around 400 in men our Breast Health Promotion team works very hard to ensure as many people as possible hear and understand the breast awareness message whether that’s through a workshop information stand or one of our popular Train the Trainer courses.

Our workshops

Early detection of breast cancer can lead to less invasive and more effective treatment and breast awareness workshops mean more people have a better chance to notice unusual changes in their breasts and have them checked out by a GP (local doctor). Our workshops empower people making a positive contribution to their health and wellbeing.

They are delivered by our dedicated and trained volunteers who talk about topics such as why it’s important to be breast aware signs and symptoms to look and feel for risk factors and breast screening. The BHP team works alongside our volunteers spreading knowledge about breast awareness into local communities groups and workplaces.

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In October 2012 a wide range of organisations wanted workshops among them Asda First Direct Barclays De Montfort University AgeUK Irwin Mitchel Solicitors The Buggy Brigade (Edinburgh) and many community organisations. Groups such as Afghan women’s support group (London) and Roshni carers group also had them among many others.

This BCAM we’ll be visiting a whole host of organisations including Sheffield African Caribbean Mental Health Association Ltd Allen & Overy LLP law firm and Zest community centre (Sheffield).

All year round

Although October puts the spotlight on breast cancer for 31 days and gives us many opportunities to shout about breast awareness our BHP team is at the forefront of promoting breast health and provides awareness-raising activities all year round. With one person diagnosed with breast cancer every 10 minutes spreading the breast awareness message to all sectors of society is vital work.

Thanks is due to the volunteers who help out at events all year round as well as during BCAM and to our course trainees who have helped cascade the message to over 87000 people so far.

Volunteer Margaret Warriner from our Liverpool network says: 'I can't believe it's October again the time when we volunteers both male and female head out to spread the message of breast awareness.

This year I am spending time with the Asda supermarket in St Helens Merseyside. Donna the campaign organiser has helped to give the campaign an extra push with a church service featuring local choirs a foyer day at which I'll be present and an afternoon when I will be running a workshop not only doing a breast awareness session but also talking about all the other free services we offer. Both Asda employees customers and customers will be there.

A big thank you also to the organisers and organisations for their pro-active approach towards raising awareness to the wider public via our BHP service.

Booking a workshop

For more information contact the team on 0345 092 0809 or at