PUBLISHED ON: 8 January 2013

Well there it was one of the most successful years of UK sport that we're likely to see in our lifetime.

From British Tour de France success to tennis grand slam breakthroughs and the avalanche of Olympic medals 2012 has been a sporting year we'll never forget.

And how did we all finish the year?

If you're anything like me you'll have thoroughly enjoyed the seasonal food and drink. If there was a gold medal for saying: 'Go on then I'll just have a bit more' then I'm probably the Sir Chris Hoy of over-indulging.

But now it's 'New year new challenge' time and I need to shift my new Father Christmas belly.

Signed up

I'm not one to tell you to sign up for something and not do it myself - our Events team members practice what they preach. So I've signed up for the Brighton Marathon this April thinking that just over four months is a reasonable amount of time to get back into shape.

The rest of the team is stepping up to the challenge as well. Between us we are taking on marathons, 10ks, triathlons, cycle rides, skydives and treks throughout 2013.

We're not professional athletes either. We've all been inspired by the 3915 Breast Cancer Care supporters who took part in an event over the past 12 months.

We believe that by getting involved we can support you better by knowing what you're going through while sharing the excitement of the challenge.

There's also the benefit of raising money for everything Breast Cancer Care provides (the Helpline website information resources and various courses and information sessions) which just adds to the feel-good factor.

Loads of challenges

There are loads of different challenges you can do this year for all levels of fitness which reflects the team here as well.

Look through our Events Calendar and if you've any questions just ask the team. We'll have been asking the same questions ourselves so we should have the answers.

So why not set yourself a goal for 2013? We have a huge range of events to choose from in our 2013 events calendar. We'd love you to join the team.

And remember when you get to the start line keep an eye out for one of us.

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