The recent rise of podcasts means that it’s easier than ever to tune in to some great stories, interviews and discussions, no matter where you are. We’ve picked six series that we think you’ll enjoy listening to in 2020.  

Woman listening to something with earphones

1)  You, Me and the Big C – hosted by Lauren Mahon, Deborah James and Steve Bland 

This podcast is a candid look at life with, treatment of and other topics surrounding a cancer diagnosis. Expect funny commentary and honest discussions on various subjects, from media portrayals of cancer to dating after a diagnosis.  

2) The Open Ears Project  

The Open Ears Project invites guests to share the piece of classical music that mean the most to them. Guests range from project managers and soldiers to actors and singers, and the short episodes make this a great podcast to lose yourself in. 

3) Griefcast – hosted by Cariad Lloyd 

Comedian Cariad Lloyd invites other funny people to talk frankly about grief, death and everything in-between. This podcast addresses the taboo around bereavement, in a goal to make it ‘less depressing’ and manageable by talking to each other. 

4) AfterThoughts – hosted by Alice-May Purkiss and Toby Peach 

Every day, 34 young people in their 20's and 30's are diagnosed with cancer. In this podcast, Alice-May Purkiss and Toby Peach speak to those who have had a diagnosis about what happens after. In association with Trekstock, these honest interviews discuss uncertainty, mental health and adapting to life after cancer.  

5) Happy Place – hosted by Fearne Cotton  

Presenter Fearne Cotton interviews a variety of people about life and what happiness means to them. The conversations are about an hour and are an interesting insight into other people’s lives and perceptions. It's a series that is bound to make you think.  

6) Breast Cancer Now podcast  

Our own podcast is in its second season. It’s a series that shares the stories of women and men who have had breast cancer. It’s also where you’ll hear the voices of our nurses, researchers and experts who help to provide support for today and hope for the future to anyone affected by breast cancer. 


For more resources and support, check out our forum, where you can talk to other people in a similar situation to you.