Issue 19 of Vita magazine is hot off the press and will be on subscribers' doormats in the next few days.

As usual it’s filled with real-life stories from people with breast cancer and articles for those living with and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis.


I’ve had the privilege of editing Vita magazine for the past six years and in that time I’ve spoken to some remarkable people who've shared their stories with me for the magazine.

It can be difficult to talk about your breast cancer no matter how long ago you were diagnosed and treated but the women and men who have told me their stories have done so because they know it will help other people.

We can’t always stop the thoughts or fears we might have about our diagnosis and treatment but sometimes just knowing that other people have felt the same way can offer some comfort and make you feel not quite so alone.


In the latest issue another remarkable group of people have shared their stories with us.

There’s Sharon who talks about finding out that she has a BRCA gene and how she and her family have coped with this.

Then there's Eva who's started training for a marathon since having breast cancer

Our cover star Michele shares her experience of living with secondary breast cancer offering this reminder to others in a similar position: 'Remember you're a person not a patient.'

Finally Grahame offers us a partner’s perspective on breast cancer.


Also in issue 19 you’ll find our feature on how using make-up tricks can help you cope with changes to your appearance as well as an article on mindfulness. Mindfulness is a way of regulating your thoughts and we’ve included a couple of exercises that you might find helpful.

And while you're waiting for your copy of Vita to arrive you can visit Vita online where new articles appear regularly. And you can follow us on Twitter.

Thank you

This will be the last issue of Vita that I edit. For the next one my colleague Gareth will take over. Thank you to everyone who's shared their experiences with me over the 16 Vitas while I've been editor. I hope you enjoy this one.

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