PUBLISHED ON: 1 April 2014

Every year just over 5000 women under the age of 45 are diagnosed with breast cancer.

To help support them we've worked with more than 200 younger women and breast cancer specialists to develop a set of the Standards of care for younger women with breast cancer.

Download the Standards of care for younger women >>

The standards highlight the care and support all younger women with breast cancer should receive and the important topics they may want to discuss with their treatment team.

We hope these 10 clear standards will make a difference to many younger women’s experience of breast cancer.

Why did we develop the standards?

We did it to help ensure that the specific needs of younger women are not overlooked and that they receive information tailored to them to help with decision-making about their treatment.

A breast cancer diagnosis as a younger woman hits you at the most productive time of your life when relationships are still to be formed or are in their early years when families are being created or are young careers are in full throttle and life is being lived. Suddenly you are knocked on to a different track and you are alone you become very very isolated.

Victoria 36

Download your standards of care for younger women >>

Find support today

If you are facing breast cancer as a young woman call our free Helpline for further information and support on 0808 800 6000.

You will also find other young women in a similar situation on our online discussion Forum.

Or visit our dedicated page for younger people with breast cancer to find out more about our free services expert information and publications that are relevant to you.

Thank you

We couldn’t have developed the standards without the help of younger women with breast cancer. So thank you to everyone who took part in the survey and please help spread the word about these new standards of care.