PUBLISHED ON: 4 February 2013

In anticipation of our Ben Nevis Challenge in September when we’ll be walking up Britain’s highest mountain with 150 Breast Cancer Care supporters we’ve been digging out some facts about this majestic mountain.

1 The summit of Ben Nevis is the dome of a volcano that collapsed some 350 million years ago.
2 The name ‘Ben Nevis’ comes from the Scottish Gaelic name ‘Beinn Nibheis’ meaning ‘mountain of heaven’.
3 It is 1344m high. That’s 4406ft.
4 It's recorded as first being climbed by James Robinson a botanist from Edinburgh on 17 August 1771.
5 The old summit observatory and the first path up Ben Nevis were built in 1883.
6 The record for running up Ben Nevis is currently held by Kenny Stuart who ran 14km from Claggan Park football ground and up 1344m of ascent to the summit in 1 hour 25 minutes and 14 seconds!
7 It’s not just people who've reached the summit of Ben Nevis – in 1911 a Model T Ford was driven up the mountain and in 1981 a group of students from Glasgow University pushed a bed up to the summit!

8 In 2006 the remains of a piano that had been buried on the summit were discovered by the John Muir Trust. The piano is believed to have been carried up the mountain for charity by men from Dundee over 20 years earlier.
9 Over 100000 visitors walk up Ben Nevis each year.
10 Since 2004 1215 people have walked up Ben Nevis for Breast Cancer Care raising hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you want to join the 40 people who’ve already signed up to conquer Ben Nevis this September and help us raise £100000 to support people affected by breast cancer sign up today!

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