PUBLISHED ON: 7 May 2019

We are excited to announce the date for this year’s wear it pink will be 18 October. But firstly, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who wore pink, raised money and helped us make life-saving research happen in 2018. We had a brilliant time, and we hope you did too.

Woman with pink hair and pink outfit

This year’s wear it pink is set to be better than ever. We’ve been busy planning and preparing for another amazing year for wearing pink, playing games, baking treats and helping to create a better future for all those affected by breast cancer.

Our mission 

wear it pink day is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK and takes place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every year, thousands of amazing people will wear it pink in their communities, schools or workplaces for Breast Cancer Now, which became the UK's largest breast cancer charity as a result of the merger with Breast Cancer Care in April 2019. 

Since wear it pink launched in 2002, we've raised over £33 million to go towards funding our life-saving research and life-changing support. 

Why wear it pink matters to our supporters 

Rich's story 

Rich, a wip supporter smiles in-front of a pink background

Wear it pink is a great opportunity to do something fun, silly and exciting - whether that’s in the workplace, at home or with friends. It’s an important message and the more exposure it can generate can only mean positive outcomes for the future. It’s also a way of letting people with cancer know that they’re not on their own, and that there is a large support community on hand to help.

This is why I do what I can to raise money for research and the care of breast cancer patients: so that one day, cancer will be as treatable as the common cold.

Find out more about how breast cancer has affected Rich and why he takes part in wear it pink on the wear it pink website

Becca's story 

Becca, a wip supporter smiles in-front of a pink background Since I’ve had breast cancer, I've been made aware of so many families that have been touched by the disease – mums, grandparents, cousins, sisters etc. Without scientific research and advances in breast cancer, I would’ve had a very different prognosis due to my very aggressive cancer. I have been supported all the way through my journey, and feel the need to channel my energy into something positive

With increasing research, we can ensure that fewer women have to go through what I and others have been through.

Find out more about how breast cancer has affected Becca and why she takes part in wear it pink on the wear it pink website

Save the date

This year’s wear it pink will be held on the 18 October, so shake out those pink clothes, dust off your baking utensils and get ready to raise money for cutting edge breast cancer research.

Not free on the 18 October?

If 18 October doesn’t work for you - feel free to choose another day. Once you decide the date of your event, just let us know so that we can support you in the best way possible and make sure you have everything you need in time.


Regardless of when you're planning to wear it pink, we want to help you in your fundraising efforts. Register with us to get your fabulous fundraising pack, and take your event to the next level.

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