Professor Ian Smith

Breast Cancer Care has a wide range of high-profile supporters – from celebrity spokespeople to prominent figures in the medical world – who give up their time to help us as official patrons and ambassadors.

Together they help raise awareness of Breast Cancer Care and the work we do to inform and support people coping with a diagnosis of breast cancer.

This year we’re fortunate to welcome a new patron – Professor Ian Smith who is Professor of Cancer Medicine at the Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research and also Head of the Breast Unit at the Royal Marsden.

This is great news for Breast Cancer Care. But I’m also particularly pleased as Professor Smith and I worked together for many years when I was in clinical practice. We first met when we were both guests on an LBC Radio show about breast cancer. Later we worked together for nearly ten years at the Royal Marsden.

Professor Smith visited Breast Cancer Care’s central office in London last week where he was given a tour of the office and an overview of how the organisation functions. He took a real interest in all areas of Breast Cancer Care from the helpline to our Moving Forward services and spoke to people from all departments.

One area he found particularly intriguing was how we use social media to connect with our users and we enjoyed introducing him to the world of Twitter!

It goes without saying that Professor Smith will bring a wealth of clinical expertise to his role as patron. His reputation in the field is world class and few people who work in breast cancer won’t be aware of his work.

But importantly his background and knowledge mean he really understands the experience of people with breast cancer. And this is at the heart of what we do at Breast Cancer Care.

Read more about Professor Smith becoming a patron of Breast Cancer Care in our press release.