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Winter hair loss tips: hats, head scarves and scalp care

Jane Buckley offers some great tips on hair loss, how to look after your scalp and options to cover your head as the weather turns colder.

If you’ve lost your hair because of chemotherapy, keeping your head warm in winter while looking great can be a challenge, especially if you’re not used to wearing headwear.

Caring for your scalp

Any headwear can be uncomfortable if your scalp is sore itchy or tender. Pamper yourself or ask a friend to help you with an oil rub.

Pour a small amount of almond oil, vitamin E oil or olive oil into your hand and rub into the scalp/hair and leave for 5–10 minutes. Pour mild shampoo into the palm of your hand and massage gently on to the scalp, then rinse until all the oil has been washed off.

Try a soft cotton undercap to wear under hats and scarves to protect the scalp.

Gently does it

If your scalp is tender, a gentler way of tying a scarf is to take all ends to the side and twist together and fasten with a coordinating scrunchie. You can pull all the way through or twist the scrunchie a second time and pull the ends through again to halfway, giving a stylish bunched look.

If scrunchies aren’t your style, try jewelled or flower motif ponytail bands or some velvet ribbon to liven up a plainer scarf or to contrast boldly with a patterned scarf.

Covering your neck

The nape of the neck can be vulnerable to the sun and elements until hair grows back, so it’s important to keep it well covered even in the winter.

Place a long scarf on the head and tie at the back with a single knot. This will keep the nape of the neck covered.

Mix different styles

Combine different headpieces. Knitted headbands look great for winter under a hat or tucked over the ends of a scarf.

Try pretty hairclips or brooches attached to the bands to add a touch of glamour.

Be bold – you’ll be amazed how many people comment on how great you look and it will give you a boost.

Clip-on fringes

A clip-on fringe under a hat or scarf can produce a really great look.

Try a turban

Hair turbans are a great option and come in a wide variety of styles suitable for daytime and dressier styles for night-time.

Suburban Turban has a great range to choose from (as pictured at the top of this page).

Hair loss tips

Cancer Hair Care has great tips for looking after your hair and scalp including a guide to wigs.


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