Face-to-face fundraising

In March 2020, Breast Cancer Now stopped all our face-to-face fundraising, including door-to-door fundraising activity and fundraising in private sites, in response to the coronavirus.

Door-to-door fundraisers

We have been closely following the Government guidelines, which has permitted face-to-face fundraising from 4 July 2020, and have made the decision to restart our door-to-door fundraising activity at limited locations from the 24 August.

Door-to-door fundraising is one of the most effective ways of recruiting supporters for Breast Cancer Now. Our door-to-door fundraisers knock on doors around the country to speak to people about our world-class research and life-changing care, and ask people if they can give a regular gift.

We work with door-to-door fundraisers for both regular giving and our Pink Ribbon Lottery.

Private sites fundraisers

We have been closely following the Government guidelines, which has permitted face-to-face fundraising from 4 July 2020, and have made the decision to restart our private site fundraising in November.

Our private sites fundraisers speak to members of the public about Breast Cancer Now in private sites, such as shopping centres and train stations, and encourage them to sign up to make a regular donation to our work.

Our private site fundraisers work with us for both regular giving and our Pink Ribbon Lottery.

Frequently asked questions

Why have Breast Cancer Now decided to re-start face-to-face fundraising now?

Breast Cancer Now funds around a third of all breast cancer research in the UK. Due to lockdown measures, we’re facing a huge drop in income which could be devastating for progress on preventing breast cancer, saving lives and helping people affected by breast cancer to live well.

As lockdown measures ease, it is important that we resume fundraising where possible to continue towards our goal that by 2050 everyone affected by breast cancer will live – and is supported to live well.

We plan to begin face-to-face fundraising in an initial trial phase to determine the success and safety of the activity, which we will continually review. Our plans follow government advice and every decision is made with the health and safety of the public and fundraising representatives front of mind.

What safety measures are in place during the pandemic?

All face-to-face fundraising activities that take place on behalf of Breast Cancer Now will be done in accordance with government guidelines and with the safety of our fundraisers and the public at front of mind. A checklist to ensure this is met will be regularly monitored and continually reviewed. This will include:

  • Ensuring fundraisers self-isolate if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or receive a positive test result
  • Fundraising materials will not be given out directly to members of the public, unless specifically requested
  • Fundraisers will be fully trained before they go out, which will include guidance on how to adhere to government safety measures
  • Offering contactless sign up as a method to set up a regular donation
  • Ensuring fundraisers maintain good hygiene practices, for example, using hand sanitiser
  • A heath questionnaire will be answered prior to a fundraiser’s working day and fundraisers with symptoms of COVID-19 will not fundraise and will be directed to the NHS advice
  • Fundraisers will ensure a two-meter distance between themselves and members of the public wherever possible, and will not fundraise in areas where this is not possible
How will Breast Cancer Now manage the risks associated with face-to-face fundraising post-COVID-19 with its agency fundraisers?

We have carefully considered the risks associated with face-to-face fundraising, which we have set out in our risk assessment and is reviewed regularly. In this we have considered potential risks to staff, volunteers and members of the public in relation to COVID-19 and the measures we have in place to minimise these.

The activity will be monitored through daily feedback from fundraisers, tracking complaints and welcome calls. Based on the results of this, if necessary, we may revise or halt the activity.

If you have any concerns or feedback, or would like more information, you can contact our Supporter Care team at supporter.care@breastcancernow.org or call 0345 092 0817.

What if someone is self-isolating?

We recognise that not everyone will feel comfortable interacting with fundraisers at the door, particularly at this time.

Fundraisers will not knock on doors where there is a clear indication that the householder is self-isolating or does not wish to receive callers at the door. After knocking, fundraisers will step back to the safe distance of two metres from the door (approx. 3-4 steps). Ultimately, it is the decision of the householder if they do not wish to answer the door or engage in conversation, and fundraisers will respect that choice by acting politely and professionally.

Who’s calling me? 

Breast Cancer Now works closely with Ethicall, a telemarketing agency, to help fulfil our telephone fundraising. Telephone fundraising is a really effective way for us to raise essential funds to support our life-changing care and world-class research. We provide full training and monitor our agencies regularly. Ethicall will call on their centralised number: 01173254308


Where are we fundraising this week?

Download the site list for the coming week to find out if our fundraising agencies are working in your local area

Fundraising locations (PDF)

More information

Our fundraiser’s locations are subject to last minute changes and occasionally they can cross over into different postcode areas by mistake. So, if you do come across fundraisers in an area not listed, please do not assume they are not legitimate. If you do have concerns or would like reassurance of any fundraising activity you may see, please contact our Supporter Care team on 0345 092 0817 or at supporter.care@breastcancernow.org and we will be happy to answer any questions.