Right now, we're funding almost 340 of the brightest minds in breast cancer research, we’re discovering how we can prevent, save lives and live well with breast cancer. We're also supporting breast care nurses, expertly trained staff and volunteers, and award-winning information is all here to make sure anyone diagnosed with breast cancer gets the support they need to help them deal with the physical and emotional impacts of the disease.

This means that our fundraising agencies have a very important job. They work around the UK to spread the word about our research and care, and help raise money for us that makes it all possible.

Thanks to all our supporters and fundraisers we are working towards our goal that by 2050 everyone who develops breast cancer will live and live well. 

Where are we fundraising this week?

Download the site list for the coming week to find out if our fundraising agencies are working in your local area

Fundraising locations (PDF)

Who are our fundraisers?

Door to door fundraisers

Door to door fundraising is one of the most effective way of recruiting supporters for Breast Cancer Now. Our door to door fundraisers knock on doors around the country to speak to people about our work to stop breast cancer, and ask people if they can give a regular gift.

We work with door to door fundraisers for both regular giving and the Pink Ribbon Lottery.

Private sites fundraisers

Our private sites fundraisers speak to members of the public about the work of Breast Cancer Now in private sites, such as shopping centres and train stations, and encourage them to sign up to make a regular donation to our work.

Our private site fundraisers work with us for both regular giving and the Pink Ribbon Lottery.

More information

Our Fundraiser’s locations are subject to last minute changes and occasionally they can cross over into different postcode areas by mistake. So if you do come across fundraisers in an area not listed, please do not assume they are not legitimate.

If you do have concerns or would like reassurance of any fundraising activity you may see, please contact our Supporter Engagement team on 0333 20 70 300 or at supporterengagement@breastcancernow.org and we will be happy to answer any questions.