We want to get researchers talking about science, in a simplified way. 

If we want people to get excited about, and ultimately support research, we need them to understand it.

We are challenging researchers to describe their research project in 3 minutes, in language accessible to a non-specialist audience. Breast Cancer Now will be hosting a live competition on the opening night of the 2018 National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference in Glasgow, UK on Sunday 4 November 2018.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday 24 October 2018. Only one entry per person is permitted.

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Maximum 400 words

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If you have any questions, please contact Nicole at Nicole.Lyons@breastcancernow.org

Entry Requirements

This competition is open to current graduate students, scientific officers and post-doctorate fellows registered and attending the 2018 NCRI Cancer Conference. Presentations must be based on previous and/or current research that is directly related to their research project. The project presented can be in any area of research.

Participants in the live competition are eligible for the following prizes, to be awarded the evening of the event:

Winner: £750 
Audience Favourite: £450

And of course, you’ll also get 3 minutes of fame at one of the UK’s largest cancer research conferences!

To enter the first round of the competition, simply complete the form above. You’ll be asked to submit a few details about yourself, a 400-word scientific abstract, a 400-word lay summary of the scientific abstract and an optional 2-minute video (via link to a site that hosts your video, such as YouTube) of you describing your research project.  Remember, we’re looking for you to describe your research in an accessible, engaging way that anyone can understand. 

The top entries will be selected by Breast Cancer Now’s Research Directorate for the second round of the competition, which will be a live event on Sunday 4 November 2018 at the 2018 NCRI Cancer Conference in Glasgow, UK. Breast Cancer Now will record the live competition and share the recorded videos on our social media channels following the event.  

Participants will be notified if their entry was successfully shortlisted for the live competition by late October 2018. If successful, we’ll give you all the details of the competition and some top tips for your presentation at the event.

  • During the live competition, participants will have 3 minutes to present their research project and explain the potential impact their project may have. Presentations exceeding 3 minutes will be penalised and presentations exceeding 4 minutes will be disqualified. 
  • Participants may use one PowerPoint slide to aid their presentation if they wish. 
  • Participants may use props with the exception of laboratory equipment and of course, anything deemed potentially dangerous by conference security. 
  • Participants must deliver their presentation live; no elements of the presentation can be pre-recorded. 
  • A panel of judges will decide the overall competition winner and this decision is final. There will also be a prize for audience favourite. 
  • Participants must agree to have their presentations shared via video during post-event activities on Breast Cancer Now’s website and social media outlets. 

Our esteemed panel of judges includes Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, renowned scientist Professor Adrian Harris, communications specialist Dr Elaine Vickers and patient advocate Mr John Devereaux. Participants will be scored by the panel judges the evening of the live competition. Participants will be judged on the following criteria (each weighted equally):

  • Was the presentation creative? 
  • Was the presentation engaging/inspiring?
  • Did the presentation leave the audience wanting to know more?
  • Did the presenter deliver the content in an audible, confident manner? 
  • How innovative was the research project presented?
  • Did the additional material (slide and/or prop) strengthen the presentation?
  • Was the presentation delivered in a logical and coherent manner?
  • Did the participant use language accessible to a non-specialist audience? 
  • Was the potential significance of the research project appropriately conveyed? 

Additional scoring criteria may be added as necessary.