Project details

Researcher: Professor Tony Ng

Location: King's College London Research Unit

Project title: Triple negative breast cancer tumour immune stromal interface

Key area: Treatment

The challenge

Triple negative breast cancer is a sub-type of the disease for which there are currently no targeted treatments. In addition, this form of breast cancer can be more aggressive than others. We need to understand what makes triple negative breast cancer different from other breast cancers so that drug targets can be identified that will lead to the development of effective targeted treatments for patients.

Project description

Professor Tony Ng's group at the King’s College London Research Unit is focused on understanding the tumour environment in triple negative breast cancer, in particular, the role of immune cells and their use in helping to identify new targets for treatment. Prof Ng is using imaging techniques to look at how cells of the immune system infiltrate the tumour and how this contributes to the growth and spread of triple negative breast cancer.

What difference will this project make?

There are currently no targeted treatments available for patients with triple negative breast cancer. Professor Ng’s research in collaboration with Professor Andrew Tutt and Dr Sophia Karagiannis at the King’s College London Research Unit could lead to the development of new and effective drugs for triple negative breast cancer.

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