Physical treatment is only half the story

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Breast cancer can be devastating to a woman’s emotional wellbeing. Many are left feeling isolated from their friends, family and colleagues, coping with anxiety, depression and the constant fear that their cancer will return. They need expert care to recover.

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A woman is more than her body. Cancer is more than a tumour. Donate today to help others reach our essential support services.

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When it comes to cancer, mental health is so difficult. The focus should be on getting rid of the cancer, but mental health should be considered alongside it. The breast care nurses are so overworked, I didn’t feel I could call them about my mental health... I didn’t want to put my psychological concerns onto other people.

Lauren, diagnosed aged 31

The need for better care

84 percent


of women with breast cancer are not told about the possibility of developing anxiety and depression by a healthcare professional.

One third


of women with breast cancer experience anxiety for the first time in their lives after their diagnosis and treatment.

45 percent


of women with breast cancer experience continuous fear that the cancer may return after their diagnosis and treatment.

Find support once treatment ends

Women getting support

Life after breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer needs more than physical treatment. Find information and support on managing concerns around recurrence, your body, diet and physical activity, and coping emotionally.

Try our breast cancer support app

Our free app

More than half of women experience anxiety after treatment ends. Becca is our award-winning, free app with tips on life beyond a breast cancer diagnosis, helping people adapt to their new 'normal'.

Women getting support

Moving Forward courses

Our courses provide practical tips for dealing with side effects of treatment, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and coping with anxiety, helping people self-manage and find their 'new normal’.

Clinical specialist

Our clinical experts

Our award-winning publications and resources are used by NHS breast care teams across the country. Written by clinical specialists, they're reviewed by healthcare professionals and people affected by breast cancer.

Woman looking concerned

How to speak to your GP about mental health

It can be hard to know how to bring up mental health to your GP. Mind, the mental health charity, explain how mental and physical health are connected, and have created a 'Find the Words' guide that helps you express how you're feeling to your GP.

Support from Mind

Map of the UK with markers indicating locations of Hospital Trusts that have breast cancer-specific events

How is your Hospital Trust doing?

Use our interactive map to find out if your Trust offers a breast cancer-specific event.


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