Now you’ve shared your reason to support the campaign  there’s still more you can do to make sure the Health Secretary invests in breast cancer. Use these resources to help us spread the word about the #55000Reasons campaign.

Help us get the word out about the impact breast cancer is still having with our resources below.

Huge thanks for these ideas go to our amazing group of #55000Reasons photoshoot models who told us what materials they’d need to tell other people about the campaign.

If you have 5 minutes


We have some quick, printable, links to the campaign you could share at your workplace, breast cancer support group, local GP practice, community centre, or any other place people gather together!

  • Credit card size: Why not hand out these handy-sized links to family and friends? - Colour / Black & White (PDF)

  • Poster size: print out and display these posters at work or in the community - Colour / Black & White (PDF)

Change your signature

It’s quick and easy to change your email signature during October to raise awareness of #55000Reasons. Copy and paste the text below into your signature. If it’s a work email, remember to check with your employer!

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s time to act. Breast Cancer Now believes that, by 2050, everyone develops breast cancer will live – and live well. Act now to help at   

If you have longer

Go and visit your MP

Your story is powerful. Make an appointment with your MP or go to their drop-in surgery and let them know why breast cancer is important to you. Read our guide to setting up an appointment with your MP here, and print out our MP briefing on the #55000Reasons campaign here (PDF).

Are you organising an event?

Wherever you are in the UK, have you thought about inviting your MP to your Breast Cancer Now fundraising event? It’s a great way to increase the profile of your event - and hopefully raise more money - while also showing political decision-makers why breast cancer is important to you. Read our top tips here

Are you giving a talk or speech about breast cancer?

Some of our photoshoot models are already giving talks in the community or at work to raise awareness of breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you’re doing the same, you can also mention the #55000Reasons campaign, what we’re trying to achieve together, and why. Here’s some quick bullet points about the campaign you can add to your talk.

If you have any questions about these resources contact us at