1. This raffle (“the Raffle”) is being promoted by and on behalf of Breast Cancer Now, a charity registered in England and Wales (no. 1160558) and in Scotland (SC045584).
  2. The Charity is licenced and regulated by the Gambling Commission (www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk) to operate the Raffle.
  3. These Terms and Conditions are the Raffle Rules. By entering the Raffle, participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
  4. The cost of each entry is £1. Players may purchase up to 60 entries in the Raffle. Payment must be in advance.  
  5. The first prize is £2,500 cash or a winter sun getaway for two adults, not exceeding total value of £2,500. The second prize is £500 cash or a SMART LED television set not exceeding total value of £500. The third prize is £100 cash or a winter hamper, not exceeding the total value of £100. Fourth prize is 200 x £10. The runners-up prizes are 100 x Breast Cancer Now tote bags. Prizes shown are for illustrative purposes only.
  6. Players who enter the Raffle before 30th November will automatically be entered into the speed draw, where 20 winners will receive the prize of a £10 M&S voucher. The draw date will be 4 January 2019 and the raffle terms and conditions apply.
  7. Players who purchase 12 or more tickets will automatically be entered into the super seller draw, where the winner will receive a prize of £50. The draw date will be 4 January 2019 and the raffle terms and conditions apply.
  8. This Raffle is open to residents of mainland Great Britain (this excludes Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands).
  9. No tickets can be sold to, on behalf of, or for a person under the age of 16 years. 
  10. If a ticket is sold unknowingly to, on behalf of, or for a person under the age of 16 they will be refunded, exempt from the Raffle and will forfeit their prize.
  11. Employees of the External Lottery Manager are ineligible to enter the Raffle.  
  12. Monies raised by this Raffle will support the general work of Breast Cancer Now, Registered Charity (No 1160558) and in Scotland (SC045584).
  13. Payment for Raffle tickets can be made by debit/credit card, cheque or postal order made payable to Breast Cancer Now.
  14. Breast Cancer Now is not responsible for any delays in bank payments.
  15. No liability is accepted for loss, theft or delayed receipt of any communication sent by post.
  16. Breast Cancer Now accepts no responsibility for any technical failure or event which may cause the competition to be disrupted or corrupted.
  17. The closing date for entries is 14 December 2018. Any entries received after the closing date will not be entered into the raffle, and the money will be used to fund Breast Cancer Now’s vital work.  The draw date is 4 January 2019. Winners will be notified by post or telephone within two weeks of the draw date. While every effort will be made to contact winners, if we are unable to make contact within 90 days, excess prize funds will be used to fund Breast Cancer Now’s life-saving research. Full payment for each entry must be received in cleared funds before the entry can be entered into the draw. Only entries for which full payment has been received are eligible to win a prize.
  18. All Raffle entry sales are final and no refunds shall be made at any time. All participants acknowledge that their payment of £1 per entry to the Raffle does not guarantee that they will win any prize.
  19. The draw will be conducted by a random number generator.
  20. We publish the winners each week (including Raffle weeks) on our StarVale hosted microsite (https://pinkribbonlottery.safeandsecurewebservices.net/results). The winners would normally be available online on the afternoon of the draw day or the next working day (Monday 7 January 2019) at the latest. 
  21. The result of the Raffle draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into the Raffle after 14 December 2018.
  22. There are no alternatives to any prize, other than those listed above, and no interest will be payable. We will contact the player within 14 days to confirm the prize money or alternative prize.
  23. The winners of the Raffle prizes will be notified by post or phone. Participants can visit the Pink Ribbon Lottery website to find out if they have won.
  24. If you win a prize, we may ask you if you are happy for us to use your name, photo and/or comments to promote future draws.
  25. Any prize cheques which remain uncashed for more than 7 months after the draw has taken place will be considered a donation to Breast Cancer Now.
  26. All participants are solely responsible for providing and (where necessary) updating the Charity with their accurate and up-to-date contact details and the Charity will be in no way liable for any failure or inability to contact any participant due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact details that the participant has provided.
  27. Breast Cancer Now and its External Lottery Manager may (without giving any reason or notice) decline to accept an application, cancel an existing subscription or terminate or suspend the Lottery scheme. Breast Cancer Now and its External Lottery Manager’s decisions made pursuant to the rules shall, once made, be final and binding.
  28. The rules are subject to change by Breast Cancer Now and its External Lottery Manager given reasonable notice.
  29. These terms and conditions are the raffle rules. By entering the raffle, participants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  Each participant should print and retain a copy of these Rules for their reference. You can call 01524 753248 to request a copy by post or email.  
  30. Breast Cancer Now is registered with the Gambling Commission to operate the Raffle under licence numbers licence numbers 000-042361-R-321603-005 and 000-042361-N-321604-005. These licences are issued under Part 5 of the Gambling Act 2005. The person responsible for this Raffle is Delyth Morgan.
  31. The Laws of England and Wales shall govern the interpretation and/or enforcement of these Rules. The Charity and all participants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

If you'd like to make a complaint, please see our Raffle complaints and disputes procedure.