Although it is true that at least four out of five of all breast cancer cases in the UK are in women over the age of 50, women under the age of 50 can be diagnosed with breast cancer too. Natasha was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 aged 31. This is the story of how Natasha became a Breast Cancer Now representative.

“I’m too young!”

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 31 years old in 2009. I was never one to check myself through pure ignorance as I thought 'I’m too young!'

"By accident, I found a lump. I didn't mess around, I made a same day appointment at the doctors, who then referred me to the breast clinic. Fast forward a few weeks, and it was confirmed I had stage 3, aggressive, invasive, HER2 positive breast cancer.

"This knocked me and my family sideways! I underwent all the treatment and knowing I had a then 15-month-old boy (Richard), NOTHING was going to stand in the way of me seeing my boy grow up."

Becoming a local representative

"The Now is good campaign for Breast Cancer Now is great, as not only does it raise and spread awareness, but it’s making the point that, if you have a fundraising idea, why wait? DO IT NOW!

"In October, Breast Cancer Now held a photo shoot to kick-start ‘Now is good’, and following this shoot I started training to become a local representative of Breast Cancer Now.

"I decided to become a rep as I feel very passionate about supporting the charity, spreading the word and supporting those on the cancer journey. It feels amazing to have been chosen to front the campaign, especially knowing that I can and will make a positive difference."

The first of many balls

"I am holding a charity ball in October for Breast Cancer Now. There will be 240 guests, a photographer and photo booth, casino table, live entertainment and an amazing raffle (£5 per head). Heads or tails will also be played to raise more money... I shall be selling ribbons too!

"There will be a half hour slot where I'll tell my story and talk about why I represent the fab charity that is Breast Cancer Now. I shall also treat this is my celebration of my five years clear! (Mammogram is due).

"Without these fundraising events happening, it would be a near difficult feat to have breakthroughs in research. This will be the first of many balls and on this event alone, my target is to raise £2.5k!"

Now is good

If like Natasha, you believe the time is now, sign up today for your free fundraising pack.

You can be part of the generation that stops breast cancer. Every action, big or small, gets us a step closer. We’re the people who can make it happen – so let’s get started, now!

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