Guess2Give is a unique way to raise money over and above your existing fundraising activity because there’s a twist – everyone making a guess could pocket the cash prize in your online charity sweepstake.

How it works:

  1. Set up a Guess2Give sweepstake for your event - it’s free and only takes a few minutes.
  2. Share it with your friends, family and work colleagues via email, Facebook and Twitter!
  3. Each person pays £3 to guess the result of your sweepstake. They can make multiple guesses and additional donations.
  4. Up to £2.50 (including Gift Aid) goes to your fundraising total, while 50p from each guess goes into the prize fund.
  5. Whoever guesses closest to the result, wins the prize fund!

How could it work for your event?

  • Running – guess your finish time
  • Trekking or walking – grab a pedometer and ask people to guess how many steps you’ll take
  • Ball – guess how much the ball will raise or how many guests there will be on the night
  • Cycling – guess how many miles you’ll cover in a set amount of time
  • Weddings – guess how long the Best Man’s speech will last
  • Golf – guess the total number of shots, putts, bunker shots or lost balls, as a team or individually, during a round
  • Cricket, football, rugby – guess the number of goals, runs, wickets or tries you will score in the season

Guess2Give isn't just for events though - anything that can be measured (weight, height, distance, time etc.) can be turned into a sweepstake! 

So be creative e.g. you could set up a sweepstake for how long it will take for you to eat four jam doughnuts with your hands behind your back, or how far you can fly a paper aeroplane! You could even ask your friends and colleagues to suggest challenges for you!

The more people you involve, the more money you raise and the bigger the prize fund. Set up a Guess2Give sweepstake today.