Join in the excitement of knockout TV events or sporting occasions by downloading a charity sweepstake to support breast cancer research.

The time to stand together against breast cancer is now. Together, as families, friends, colleagues and communities we can work to prevent, detect, treat and stop breast cancer.

So whether you want to support your current fundraising or you’re just getting started, these will help you to reach your fundraising target and to reach our goal, that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live.


Guess my time sweepstake

Taking part in one of our challenge events or runs? Our sweepstake is a simple way to give your fundraising a boost.

All you need to do is ask people to guess your finish time for a suggested donation. The closest guess wins a prize of your choice or half the prize money, while the rest goes towards your fundraising total. 

Download the sweepstake

More information

You can pay in your fundraising online or call our lovely Supporter Engagement team on 020 7025 2402.

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