This World Cancer Day, let us help you find your fundraising moment and join us in making life-saving research happen

About World Cancer Day

We're only one month into 2018, but already breast cancer has claimed the lives of nearly 1,000 people. But this isn’t just a number to us. This represents real people, with real lives, who we need to give more precious time to live. And there’s only one way to do that – research. That’s why our research focuses entirely on breast cancer. And with nearly 380 scientists across the UK and Ireland, working on over 85 cutting-edge projects, we’re tackling the disease from every angle.

Our scientists enter their labs determined to find the breakthroughs that will change the future. Like the moment they pioneered the use of a new type of drugs, called PARP inhibitors, to target cells in the body with faulty BRCA genes. Or the moment they developed a ‘liquid biopsy’ blood test to reveal if someone’s tumour is becoming resistant to treatment and whether they could benefit from alternative drugs.

Help fund our life-saving research

For every moment someone’s life is changed by a breast cancer diagnosis, and every moment someone is taken from us, there’s also an army of people raising money to help us change the future and have more moments in the lab. We won’t stop until breast cancer has taken its last life. And with your help our research will save lives.

This World Cancer Day, let us help you find your fundraising moment and help make lifesaving research happen.

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