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Younger women resources for healthcare professionals

1. Online resources


Fertility toolkit

We want to help improve communication between breast and fertility clinics, ensuring all young women have the opportunity to discuss their fertility preservation options before treatment.

We’ve developed the following resources to help you initiate a discussion and make a referral to a fertility clinic.

You can download these PDFs to your computer, or print them out. The referral form can also be filled out on your computer, so you can save it and email a copy to the fertility specialist. We recommend making a copy for each patient.


2. Health information booklets for younger women


Breast cancer in younger women

Looks at the different issues, experiences and feelings younger women with breast cancer may face.

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Care and support for younger women with breast cancer

Information about our free services for younger women with breast cancer.

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Breast cancer during and 1 year after pregnancy

Addresses questions for women diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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Family history of breast cancer: managing your risk

How family history of breast cancer is assessed and managed, and information on genetic testing.

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Fertility, pregnancy and breast cancer treatment

How treatment for primary breast cancer may affect fertility and possible ways of preserving it.

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Explains what goserelin is, when it may be prescribed, how it works and possible side effects.

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3. Useful organisations for younger women and their families

Younger Breast Cancer Network (YBCN)
User-led Facebook group for women diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age (under the age of 45). Established in 2012, the group has more than 4,000 members, and there's a separate private sub-group for younger women with secondary breast cancer. 

Fruit Fly Collective
Produces toolkits to support parents to talk about cancer with their children.

Look Good Feel Better
Runs free skincare and make-up workshops for women undergoing cancer treatment.

Holistic support for anyone affected by cancer, offered in 21 centres across the UK.

Mummy's Star
Support for women and their families affected by cancer during pregnancy or shortly after a birth.

Runs 5-day courses that help participants overcome the emotional impact of cancer and increase their confidence, using the outdoors and the arts as tools.

The Osborne Trust
Provides practical and emotional support for children and young people aged 16 or younger, during a parent’s cancer treatment.

Shine Cancer Support
Peer support opportunities for people diagnosed with cancer in their 20s, 30s or 40s.

Something To Look Forward To
Enables people with a cancer diagnosis to access free gifts, donated by companies and individuals.

Social and practical support to adults facing cancer in their 20s and 30s.

Willow Foundation
Organises special days for seriously ill young adults aged 16 to 40.

Ruth Strauss Foundation
Provides emotional support for families to prepare for the death of a parent.

4. Events for younger women with breast cancer

We run Younger Women Together support events throughout the country. They're offered online and face-to-face. Find out more about events for younger women with breast cancer. 

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