I was diagnosed with breast cancer some years ago now, a surprise, because I hadn't thought of men having breast cancer. At that time I was working full time as a lab technician, divorced, no children and living on my own apart from a dog and two cats.

It started with a lump on my right breast, about the size of half a pea. I didn’t do anything for about four months, then went to my GP and he referred me to my local hospital. After seeing the surgeon, I had a lumpectomy, then three weeks later, a full mastectomy.

I didn’t have chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but was on tamoxifen for five years. The side effects were that it made me put on weight; also I tended to sweat more easily.

My work allowed me sick leave with full pay, so there weren't any financial problems and my family and friends supported me fully. They were surprised that a man could get a disease which they thought only women could get but they accepted it.

Now years later the only evidence left of the experience is a scar from the middle of my chest to under my arm and a feeling of puffiness under my arm.

If you’d like to, you can email me at david@breastcancernow.org