This year we have 24 fantastic models ready to rock the catwalk at The Show Scotland 2019!

We are delighted to introduce to you the 24 fantastic women who will be taking to the catwalk for the first time at Breast Cancer Care's The Show Scotland, following their own diagnosis of breast cancer. Read on to find out more about each of our wonderful models before the big day.

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Show Scotland model, Betsy Ward

Betsy Ward

'Breast cancer stripped away my confidence so I’m taking to the catwalk to help me feel strong again. When I was selected I was totally terrified, excited and thrilled. Cancer has changed me but I won't let it define me'

Show Scotland model, Carol Zurowski

Carol Zurowski

'Although I am reasonably confident and like entertaining people, I don’t consider myself to be model material. However, when my friend nominated me, I thought ‘why not’? I also love that idea of representing the People’s Postcode Lottery, and Breast Cancer Care who have supported me.’


Show Scotland model, Cheryl Redpath

Cheryl Redpath

'To be chosen as a model is an honour and something I will never forget. I’m used to going about in wellies on the farm so wish me luck in heels on the catwalk!'

Show Scotland model, Christeen Macmurdie

Christeen MacMurdie

'I’m a glam girl but wish I were more fashionable...maybe the catwalk will teach me how to bring that out. I’m so excited to share the stage with the other amazing inspirational girls'

Show Scotland model, Debbie Goodsir

Debbie Goodsir

'Never in a million years did I think I’d be selected to take part in the Show but felt I had nothing to lose by applying. I’m feeling really nervous about walking the catwalk in front of a large crowd, however also slightly excited!'

Show Scotland model, Eilidh Macdonald-Harte

Eilidh Macdonald-Harte

'To celebrate that I have made it, to be a role model to women who are in the throes of treatment. To show families that we all can get through it and find our way to cope. To thank Breast Cancer Care for being such an amazing charity and life line for me.'

Show Scotland model, Elaine Sutherland

Elaine Sutherland

'Being a model is a once in a lifetime chance…and after dealing with a mastectomy and growing my hair back it will be amazing to feel glamorous again and to regain some of my old confidence. I can’t wait to be up there with the people I love cheering me on.'

Show Scotland model, Eleanor Anderson

Eleanor Anderson

'The previous models who look amazing inspired me and I think it’s really important to give that message about checking, going early and that you are not alone.'

Show Scotland model, Elinor Fox

Elinor Fox

'To stand up there as a proud survivor who is now stronger, fitter and more confident than before, would be something to treasure forever, and certainly something for my girls to be proud of.'

Show Scotland model, Estelle Little

Estelle Little

'I aim to live my life to the full. I did it before cancer – and cancer won’t take that away from me. I attended The Show last year and the models were inspirational, they made me think that I can do it too!'


Show Scotland model, Fiona Picken

Fiona Picken

'I found when I was having treatment that everyone around me was in their 50s or 60s and I want people to realise that it can affect you at any age. I am also a very positive person and I would like to feel that my experiences could inspire others starting out on their journey.'

Show Scotland model, Helen Turner

Helen Turner

'Last year I volunteered at The Show to support Breast Cancer Care. Wow, what an inspirational event! I knew right then that I had to apply to model this year. I feel incredibly lucky to have been selected and to be styled for the show is a fantastic opportunity to get out of my comfort zone!'


Show Scotland model, Isabella Holmes

Isabella Holmes

'I am super excited about The Show and hope to re-discover my sense of identity and femininity. I want to celebrate this as this was the most challenging part of my experience.'

Show Scotland model, Jane Buntin

Jane Buntin

'I think it would be such a confidence boost to see myself in professional make up and some nice clothes, at the same time I would never have put myself forward for anything like this before but hey, life’s for living!'

Show Scotland model, Joyce Demelas

Joyce Demelas

'I want to show there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’d love my friends and family to see me on the catwalk, as it’s been a very hard time for them also. To see their mum, wife and friend glammed up for the day will be a treat.'

Show Scotland model, Kim McLaren

Kim McLaren

'Seeing my sister on the catwalk last year made me want to do something out of my comfort zone and make me feel good, and confident about myself again.'

Show Scotland model, Lesley Grierson

Lesley Grierson

'I’m quite shy but this would be a great opportunity to tell my story, hopefully some of it amusing as well as inspirational. If I could help just one person get through this awful disease then it would be such a privilege and sense of achievement.'

Show Scotland model, Linda McDowell

Linda McDowell

'I have helped out at many of the fashion shows, but never dreamt that I would ever be a model! As someone who even hates having her photograph taken, this will be a real challenge for me, but this is my 70th year so why not - I’ve got to go for it!'

Show Scotland model, Lynn Campbell

Lynn Campbell

'I would like to be a model in the Breast Cancer Care Show as I think I am a good advert for recovery and that you can still be your old self - look the same, have the same confidence and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.'

Show Scotland model, Mary Carmichael

Mary Carmichael

'For six years I’ve listened to the brave and inspiring stories of models at The Show. I never thought in a million years I would become one of those ladies. The catwalk is my favourite part of the evening. The women and men are full of energy, positivity and so full of life, it really is inspiring to see.'

Show Scotland model, Maureen Davidson

Maureen Davidson

'Only after I accepted my diagnosis was I able to get on with living my life. Being selected as a model for the Show is an honour. Thank you for making me feel special.'

Show Scotland model, Morag Bishop

Morag Bishop

'I would never have imagined ever going forward to be a model but I would also love to experience myself in the model role, wearing lovely clothes, hair and makeup, believing in myself, and meeting new people.'

Show Scotland model, Nicola Eyres

Nicola Eyres

'I think the Show would be a great opportunity to meet new people and broaden my experience of this. It would also be a great opportunity to highlight to others that there can be many positive outcomes following a diagnosis.'

Show Scotland model, Rebecca Barnett-Thomason

Rebecca Barnett-Thomason

'I made it through such a tough time with support from family, friends, and Breast Cancer Care, and I’m now back at work full time and enjoying life to the max. This event gives me and others the opportunity to give something back.'



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