Ahead of the Scottish Parliament election Policy and Campaigns Manager for Scotland Lawrence Cowan tells us why it is such an important election for breast cancer.

Wednesday 4 May 2016      Policy and campaigns blog
Colin Leslie, Patricia Ferguson MSP, Nicola Sturgeon First Minister, Lesley Stephen, Sylvia Wallace and Mary Allison.

L-R: Colin Leslie Breast Cancer Now campaigner, Patricia Ferguson MSP, Nicola Sturgeon First Minister, Lesley Stephen Breast Cancer Now campaigner, Sylvia Wallace Breast Cancer Now campaigner and Director for Scotland at Breast Cancer Now Mary Allison.

I have a confession to make; I love election time.

It means a month of polls, passionate speeches and politicians pounding the pavements to convince us that their vision of a better Scotland is best. As voters, it’s our chance to set the direction society takes over the next few years and more.

This election is a milestone in the Scottish Parliament’s history. It will have extensive new powers over taxation. Naturally, tax has dominated the debate between the parties. But this election is also a milestone for breast cancer in Scotland.

Our 2050 Challenge

Every mainstream political party has got behind our 2050 Challenge campaign. That means that both the next Scottish Government and Parliament are committed to helping stop deaths from breast cancer by 2050 – a UK first.

It didn’t happen by accident. It happened because our dedicated supporters took action and told their local politicians how important this is to them. Without people interacting with their politicians, this kind of political progress would not have been possible.

Democracy starts at the doorstep. People have the power to shape politics and our society. Elections matter and together we made sure that this one matters for the thousands of families affected by breast cancer in Scotland.

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