Breast Cancer Now supporter Jason Guy was nominated earlier this year to attend the annual garden party at Buckingham Palace. Read on to find out how the day went.

Wednesday 8 June 2016      Community blog
Jason with Lucy's mother

Jason Guy and Valerie Smith

Jason and Lucy’s Story

Jason Guy is an incredible and inspirational supporter of Breast Cancer Now. He got involved back in 2013 after the diagnosis of his girlfriend, Lucy. Lucy was just 31 when she discovered she had triple negative breast cancer.

Since then, Jason has done everything he can to raise money to fund further breast cancer research. Not only does Jason fundraise personally, but he also fundraises through his business, First 4 Staff, and he actively encourages everyone he knows and comes across to do the same and support in one way or another.

Jason and Lucy got married on 28 February 2015, however this seemed to be Lucy’s last day of full health. She began to quickly deteriorate and sadly passed away in June 2015, aged just 33.

Hope for the future

Now more than ever, Jason is determined to do whatever he can to stop women like Lucy and, of course all their friends and family, go through what they have experienced. Jason recently reached his £100,000 fundraising milestone and is now reaching for the stars to get to £250,000 as soon as possible.

As Prince Charles is a patron of Breast Cancer Now, every year we have the opportunity to nominate one of our extraordinary fundraisers to attend the annual garden party at Buckingham Palace. This year, Jason was nominated and selected to attend this auspicious event. In this blog, he tells us about his day at the Palace.

A royal invitation

When I first heard that I would be going to Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Garden Party and there was an extra invitation, there was only one person I could take: Lucy’s mother, Valerie.

When the invite came through the post stamped ‘Buckingham Palace’, it all became very official. I planned my outfit carefully, choosing a royal blue suit, white shirt and red tie to ensure I was in Great British colours for what was going to be an extremely special day.

The Royal Gardens

When we arrived at the Palace, we were treated like royalty almost instantly. We were escorted through the courtyard, through the Palace and into the gardens, which were impeccably maintained. Their bloom was all the more colourful as it was a bright summer’s day. We had chance to walk around the gardens, were offered refreshments and met some lovely people who were all as excited as we were. We then had ‘afternoon tea’ which was a selection of beautiful sandwiches and cakes befitting for any king and queen. Tea was served too and all of the staff were very attentive - nothing was too much.

Following tea, we were formed into receiving lines where members of the Royal Family would meet and greet the flocks of lucky people. We were honoured to have Prince Phillip on our line. We also saw the Queen, Princess Anne, Prince Charles and Camilla and we were told by an official that we had picked a good day due to the amount of Royals present. Following their introductions, we were treated to ice cream as we continued our day of royal treatment.

A smile on Valerie's face

My deepest thank you goes to Breast Cancer Now for making this possible, I am humbled that the charity has recognised my commitment - giving me the opportunity to be up close and personal with our monarchy, which as a patriotic Brit I am extremely proud of. The best thing was seeing a smile on Valerie's face - that really underpinned what this special day was all about for me.

Visit Jason's fundraising page - Legacy 4 Lucy