Three sisters, Alice, Anna and Milly, tell us why they're running the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon for Breast Cancer Now.

Wednesday 19 April 2017      Challenge events blog

Bottom left: Milly and Alice with their mum (middle); Top left: Anna, Alice and Milly; Right: Anna with her mum

The Hewetson sisters, Alice, Anna and Milly, are running the London Marathon together for their mum, Margie Rose, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2016, aged 57.

Margie, who is a doctor, didn’t tell the sisters initially, as Anna and Milly are both at university and were completing their exams at the time. Alice explains, “Hearing the news was really shocking, it’s the sort of thing that happens to someone else. We all felt sort of numb, as if we were watching from the outside. Then it’s a weird mix of being highly emotional, while carrying on with business as usual.”

“It’s definitely brought the three of us closer. We’ve got each other and are really supportive of each other.”

The family were confident that the diagnosis wasn’t a ‘big deal’, but after having a lump removed it was discovered that the cancer had spread to Margie’s lymph nodes, which she found more difficult to deal with. She has recently finished chemotherapy, and is currently receiving radiotherapy – which she will finish the day before the marathon. She will be there cheering the girls on from the sidelines.

Milly, the youngest, was the driving force behind the girls signing up for the marathon. Milly says:

“Mum and Grandma have both been diagnosed with breast cancer, so I am incredibly grateful to Breast Cancer Now's research, and am proud to give something back to a charity that has done so much for my and family and myself.”

None of the sisters have ever attempted anything like the marathon before. Alice explains: “It’s been hard work but we’ve really bonded through training. It’s just such a brilliant way to do something positive, and we’ve all improved our fitness.”

“It’s also been more of a commitment than any of us expected, and we’ve all had injuries. Similar to breast cancer, our training has taken twists and turns, and we’ve had set backs, but ultimately we made a choice to do this – unlike anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer like mum, who didn’t have a choice. They can’t opt out. That’s what will keep us going on the day”.

Anna says:

“My sisters and I plan to run together for Breast Cancer Now as a way of coping with mum’s diagnosis, and give something back to the community helping her. My mum is my favourite person in the whole world!”

Visit the Hewetson sisters' Virgin Money Giving page

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