Now in its 15th year, wear it pink 2016 is set to be the biggest and pinkest fundraising event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We caught up with this year's wear it pink ambassador, Lisa Riley, backstage at her photoshoot to ask her a few questions about the big day.

Tuesday 4 October 2016      Guest blog
Lisa Riley wears it pink

Not sure what wear it pink is?

Every year wear it pink raises around £2 million during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How? It’s simple – we just ask you to wear something pink and donate whatever you can. Some people choose to host extra fundraising activities too like a bake sale or a raffle and make a whole day out of it! It is so easy to get involved, but by standing together with thousands of others across the country, you can make a huge difference. This year, wear it pink is taking place on Friday 21 October.  Sign up to get your free fundraising pack today!

Lisa Riley: uncut 

This year we are excited to have Actress and TV presenter Lisa Riley as our wear it pink ambassador. Lisa is a huge supporter and has a very personal connection to Breast Cancer Now and the work that we do, so it means a lot to have her on board. Here is some exclusive footage of her getting glammed up behind the scenes of her wear it pink photoshoot. 

We also sat down with Lisa to chat about fashion, family and dressing up as an easter bunny, as well as wear it pink. Read the interview in full below.

Hi Lisa, what does supporting wear it pink mean to you personally?

Personally to me, wear it pink is so important because I lost my beloved mum, Cath, to breast cancer. I want to have the peace of mind that all the research possible is being achieved to make this killing disease something of the past. I have a voice to get the word out there, to make breast cancer something to be no longer afraid of.

What do your friends and family think about you being the wear it pink ambassador?

My friends and my family are beyond proud of me becoming ambassador, they are all sharing all my tweets and Facebook messages. But mainly it's my dad Terry and my brother Liam who are the most proud because in every single photo taken of me, they always see my mum’s smile. Everyone always says we have the same smile (which we do). For them, it's mum’s legacy living on within me and that is such a great help for them in their grief. For me, this makes me so very proud, so can I personally thank you for making me this year’s ambassador. 

Describe your ideal get-together

My ideal get-together with all my friends and family would be at our local Italian restaurant, which we all love. We would sit at a massive circular table so everyone's involved, telling stories about what we have all been up to and enjoying the innocence of the children with us. Then, as one large group, everyone would go back to my house where we all congregate in the conservatory, chill out and relax. I would still be the sober one as due to my weight loss I am still not drinking, it’s been well over a year now, so I would be able to remind them all what they got up to the day before!

What is the funniest thing you have ever had to wear for work?

The funniest thing I have ever had to wear to work was when I was playing the role of Ruth in "Calendar Girls." In the scene where all the girls are at the village fete, my character takes the theme far too far, by dressing up as the Easter Bunny. Believe me, it was not flattering at all, and in July whilst onstage with all the lights, it was extremely warm! But it did get a huge laugh.

What’s your message to anyone considering taking part in wear it pink for the first time?

The message I want to get across is that it's one day out of the year where we can all get together, have loads of fun, be silly, laugh, smile, and whilst all this is happening we are all raising money for such an important cause. I would imagine there are so so so many people who have known or know someone with breast cancer, so to realise how unfortunately common it is becoming, we can all come together and talk about it, and not be afraid to check ourselves too.

Want to get involved?

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