Craig is taking on a huge challenge by completing not one, not two – but three marathons within one year in support of his wife and the thousands of other women who are living with secondary breast cancer right now.

Wednesday 21 December 2016      Challenge events blog
Craig's Challenge - Supporter Craig Millard in a Breast Cancer Now running vest

Supporter Craig Millard is taking on three marathons in twelve months to support our life-saving breast cancer research

In the space of three months at the end of 2014, my wife went from living a normal healthy life, free from illness, to being told she had incurable secondary breast cancer. It is an understatement to say that our world was turned upside down.

Supporting Breast Cancer Now was an easy decision to reach. We chose to support a charity engaged in life-saving research. We chose to support a charity whose work may benefit my wife – but will certainly benefit thousands of women in years to come.

I decided to do something different and extremely challenging to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now. I wanted to undergo a test of such physical exertion that, for me and people who know me, this would represent how much this cause means to me and my family and thus inspire people to support us.

I decided to challenge myself to complete three marathons in a twelve month period – Dublin, London and Berlin. This would be a gruelling task, full of aches and pains but immeasurable in the overwhelming feeling that I could be making a difference. In addition, my 15 year old son has stepped forward to help and support our fundraising and opted to complete five 10k runs in the same period. I couldn’t be prouder.

So far I have completed the Dublin marathon, my son has completed three of the 10k runs and we have raised over £6,000 for Breast Cancer Now.

Our fundraising efforts have been received so generously by friends and family. Of course, setting up the JustGiving page and promoting that via email and social media was our first key first task. Approaching local business for corporate sponsorship was another great way to boost our fundraising efforts.

However, it was social events that have had the greatest impact. We organised a charity ball with a live band which included an auction that raised over £3,000 and a quiz that has raised over £500. We’ve learnt that people are very happy to support social events where they get an enjoyable night out too. Everyone had a wonderful time, as well as understanding the importance of why we were holding the event.

It is so important to be raising money for Breast Cancer Now. More research is needed into secondary breast cancer to help those like my wife, and to ultimately cure suffers who live with breast cancer as a chronic illness. More research is needed to help treat and prevent breast cancer from spreading. Only by funding more and more research will we stand a chance in our hope that by 2050, everyone who is diagnosed with breast cancer will live.

If everyone did just a little bit, the cumulative impact would be enormous.

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