Interested in our student internships? Alice tells us what it was like being a Student Engagement Intern at Breast Cancer Now and gives her tips for future interns.

Monday 14 August 2017      Student fundraising blog
Alice (second from right) cheering on our supporters at RideLondon 2017

Alice (second from right) cheering on our supporters at RideLondon 2017

My time in the Student Engagement team

If you want to be properly valued as an intern, you are in the right place! For student engagement, the internship was structured in a way that allows you to manage your own time and organise your own workload. One of the best parts for me was being able to have my own ongoing projects to work on. This way when I was doing some long tasks with data, I could take breaks and work on my creative ideas. The student team is great for that and you’ll get to work on things like fundraising ideas and RAG conference stall plans, all of which will actually be used and valued by the charity.

It feels great to see your work (and for me, countless boob puns) actually being put to use for such a meaningful cause. Being given so much responsibility is a great opportunity to see the whole workings of the team – I made a point to ask my colleagues what they were working on so that I could understand what goes into a job in fundraising. I definitely feel like in the short six weeks I have been with Breast Cancer Now, I have taken in so much knowledge about fundraising!

Get together with other interns

Another opportunity you could take advantage of is to get together with the other interns as this gives you the chance to find out about the other teams in the charity. You could end up wanting to assist with a project and make some contacts for the future – don’t be afraid to get involved.

Twice a week all of the interns have the opportunity to meet for an hour with a different team within the charity and get an induction into their area. This means you can meet lots of people and help to expand your understanding of how a charity is run from all angles and the possible areas you might like to know more about.

It’s an excellent opportunity to ask as many questions as you can. Inductions are also just really interesting to spark discussions – during some of mine we spoke about gender bias in choosing research grants and how virtual reality may impact fundraising. A lot more happens behind the scenes than I would have expected!

My advice

Some advice I would definitely give is to get a notebook on your first day, as it’s so valuable to have a record of the inductions and whole office charity meetings to help you paint a picture of the whole organisation. You get a massive insight into the workings of a charity here, so do take advantage of learning as much as you can! 

I can assure you that it’s very easy to get comfortable and know what you’re doing here, you’re going to feel so at home you won’t want to leave! Take every opportunity you can and enjoy your time, the team are lovely and the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.

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