Finding Dry January a stretch? Here are some tips to help you with your challenge.

Monday 7 January 2019      Policy and campaigns blog
a glass of red wine

Whether you’re joining the millions going dry this January, or you’re just looking to cut back on the booze for a week or two after the Christmas and new year festivities, we’ve got five alcohol-free tips to help.

  1. Meeting friends and family in the pub? Be the designated driver so you don’t get tempted
  2. If you have a cocktail night out with friends in the diary, stick to mocktails. They’re just as delicious…and they’re alcohol-free. Win-win!
  3. If your go-to place with friends is the pub, make a change and go to a café instead. Or better yet, take a walk or an exercise class together
  4. If you’re struggling to make booze-free choices, encourage your friends and family to cut out or cut down with you. It’s easier to do it when you have the support of others
  5. There are lots of great alcohol-free wines, beers and ‘spirits’ on the market these days. If you’re missing the taste, try picking up a booze-free bottle or cans in the supermarket

And if we’ve left you wondering why we’re encouraging you to cut the amount you drink, here’s why: regularly drinking alcohol – even one drink a day – increases your chances of developing breast cancer.

Dry January is a great way to start you on the road to cutting down. Our research suggests that almost a third of those who take part in Dry January drink less six months on.

It’s not too late to take part. Give our tips a go and be alcohol-free for the rest of the month.

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