Our supporter and new regular blogger, Georgia Heath, shares her experiences of training for the London Marathon, which she will be running later this year to fundraise for Breast Cancer Now.

Thursday 7 January 2016      Challenge events blog
Georgia takes on the Virgin Money London Marathon

I'm a 23-year-old fitness and horse addict, working as an account manager within the IT sales industry. I have an extremely busy life and love to keep active – I’m not one to be a couch potato. However, I have always been a yo-yo dieter, losing two stone on a 'diet' at university, soon to put it all back on and more. I am definitely someone that lives to eat, not eats to live...

Around a year ago I decided it was time to change for good and my boyfriend encouraged me to join a gym and my love (or addiction) for all things fitness took off from there.

Choosing Breast Cancer Now

My family say I am a very determined person and will stop at nothing if I set myself a goal. Rather than just going to the gym to 'look better', I wanted a fitness goal to set my sights on, so I decided to enter the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2016. I wanted to do it for a good cause so applied to run for Breast Cancer Now.

I decided on this charity as my grandmother had been surviving cancer for almost 15 years at the time, and I wanted to choose a charity close to our hearts. Running the marathon became all the more significant to me when she lost her fight in July 2015.

Finding the right plan for you

Training is something I deliberated over a lot after entering the ballot back in May. Being a newbie to running, I felt totally out of my depth trying to choose a programme that was right for me. It was tough to find a training programme that could fit around my normal routine of three to four strength and conditioning sessions a week.

On top of this I have to do a lot of my training early in the morning, as I work from 9.00am to 5.30pm every day, have recently got a puppy and also have a horse who needs daily attention - talk about a busy life!

As you can see there was a lot to consider in choosing the right plan. I probably looked at around eight different training plans, ranging in length and distance. The one I kept going back to was the Virgin Money Intermediate (no-nonsense) plan. It starts at a level which seemed in line with my current fitness level.

However, after showing it to my personal trainer, we quickly noticed that it has three weeks in a row of long distance runs with no easy week in-between to let your body and legs recover. So, with some careful editing, we crafted the perfect plan for me, which you can find in the link to my full blog below.

Staying motivated

Running has always been a goal setting, and goal achieving, experience for me but I definitely have a love-hate relationship with it. Some days there is nothing I want to do less then get on a treadmill or go for a run outside when it’s cold, but consistency is the main factor which determines whether you fail or succeed.

I have discovered routine is key. If you can find a way to train that fits around your daily tasks/work/life and stick to it, then that’s half the battle won.

My current feeling is one of apprehension and fear, not because I believe running a marathon is not achievable, but because I know how much time and effort it is going to take with an already busy life.

I try and stay motivated thinking of my Grandma. She was never one to complain and always had a smile on her face and a positive attitude the whole way through her suffering.

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About the author

Georgia Heath is a 23-year-old fitness and horse addict, working as an account manager within the IT sales industry.

She is running the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2016 for Breast Cancer Now.