With the general election just around the corner – will you help us to make sure breast cancer is on your next MP’s agenda?

Friday 19 May 2017      Policy and campaigns blog
Ask your candidate

With the Prime Minister’s recent announcement of a general election, a trip to the polling station beckons, but before that comes the promise of a succession of hopeful candidates knocking on your door and trying to win your vote.

This means the next few weeks will be a great opportunity to get breast cancer on your next MP’s agenda.

As local candidates compete for your vote, this is your chance to let them know that breast cancer is an issue that you care about and ask them what they will do, if elected, to help stop women dying of this disease. And with more women being diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before, it’s never been more important to get MPs committed to working with us.

So, we’ve put together some quick questions that we’d love you to ask your candidates if they knock on your door or if you attend a local hustings. You could also put the questions to them via social media or by email.

1. If elected, will you commit to promoting breast cancer awareness in our constituency?

The earlier breast cancer is found, the better the chance of beating it. Most cases of breast cancer are found by women noticing unusual changes, taking the initiative and visiting their doctor – so it’s important for women to be breast aware and know what signs and symptoms to look out for.

2. If elected, will you consider becoming a Breast Cancer Ambassador?

In the last Parliament, over 200 MPs were part of our Breast Cancer Ambassador scheme, which involved championing breast cancer issues in Parliament and locally. Our Ambassadors have asked questions, held debates and one even ran the marathon for us! We want to see even more MPs signed up as Ambassadors after 8 June.

3. If elected, will you commit to ensuring local breast care services deliver the best standard of care for patients?

The quality of care in breast care services varies across the country, and there are particular issues with the care provided for people living with secondary (advanced) breast cancer. We need everyone to work together to improve local services for all breast cancer patients.

4. If elected, will you commit to doing everything you can so that women with breast cancer can quickly access the most effective preventative and life-extending drugs?

Women are struggling to access the best breast cancer drugs on the NHS. Whether life-extending drugs for secondary cancer or preventative drugs to stop breast cancer recurring or even happening in the first place, more needs to be done to make sure these treatments get to the women who could benefit from them quickly.

If you do get the chance to speak to any of your candidates over the next few weeks, we’d love to hear what they have to say. Please let us know by emailing their comments to campaigns@breastcancernow.org, including their name and which party they're standing for.