This March, Breast Cancer Now is taking part in Free Wills Month and the great news is, if you’re aged 55 or over, you could have your will written or updated for free this month.

Friday 11 March 2016      Community blog
Gwen Taylor

Free Wills Month gives you the opportunity to provide for your family and friends through your will and ensure your wishes are respected while avoiding any potentially difficult decisions or legal complications.

Having an up-to-date will also allows you the chance to support the work of your chosen charity as well.

By including a gift to Breast Cancer Now in your will, you could help fund research to save lives for generations to come, and bring us closer to the day where no woman dies from breast cancer.

Gwen's story

Gwen Taylor chose to leave a gift in her will to help make sure breast cancer research can continue. Gwen says:

“I decided to leave a gift to Breast Cancer Now when I went to write my will. Neither I nor my husband had a will and I realised that nothing was in place for our children should anything happen to us. I chose to leave a gift in my will and immediately asked for it to go to breast cancer research. My mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer when I was just 19. My maternal aunties have both had breast cancer, and I’ve had a few scares myself. So breast cancer is close to my heart.”

How to take part

Solicitors in 21 cities across the UK are taking part in the campaign. To find out whether solicitors in your area are part of the campaign, visit the Free Wills website.

If your local area is not taking part in this campaign, we can refer you to our nationwide scheme, the National Free Wills Network. Simply email us at and we can let you know more.

Both schemes are open to people aged 55 or over, and the charity pays a discounted rate for a limited number of Simple Wills to be written.

A gift in your will costs you nothing in your lifetime, but the difference your gift will make to the work of Breast Cancer Now will last for years to come.

Watch the video and find out more

Free Wills Month Introduction from Free Wills Month on Vimeo.