Meet Emma who has recorded a series of video blogs about living with breast cancer. Emma will be on our Twitter page on Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day, Friday 13 October to talk about her experience. 

Wednesday 6 September 2017      Guest blog
Talk to Emma about breast cancer

Emma Young is 39, a single mum and one of around 35,000 women living with secondary breast cancer in the UK right now. Three years ago, just five days after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Emma was told that it had spread to her bones and couldn’t be cured.

Emma's video diaries

Over the last few months Emma has been recording a video blog of what it’s like to live with secondary breast cancer. She talks about everything from the ups and downs of treatments to being a mum, and even dating with secondary breast cancer.

We'll be sharing these videos on Friday 13 October - Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day. 

Talk to Emma on Friday

Emma will be on our Twitter page, on Friday 13 October between 11am and 1pm, to talk to people about her experiences and share more about her life with secondary breast cancer.

You can get in touch using #TalkToEmma and join in the chat and ask Emma any questions you have or just follow along on the day.