12 year old Breast Cancer Now supporter, Reagan, decided to take on the challenge of Ben Nevis to raise money to show her support for her Nanny who has had breast cancer twice.

Monday 18 May 2015      Challenge events blog

My name is Reagan, I am 12 years old and on 8 July 2015 I am going to climb Ben Nevis, which is the highest point in the UK at 1334mt (4409ft) above sea level. I am doing this in aid of Breast Cancer Now as my Nanny has survived this horrible illness twice. I hope to raise some money for Breast Cancer Now to help people who have suffered or are suffering from breast cancer!

My Nanny

I call my Grandma 'Nanny' - she is a very important person to me and she has survived breast cancer twice. This was an extremely worrying and troubling time for her and the rest of the family! She had it once before I was born and then another time when I was younger. Because of my young age, nobody would really tell me how severe the illness was and what it could do to my Nanny, the only thing I really understood was that my Nanny was very ill and had to go to hospital a lot.

However, the news finally came when my Nanny wasn’t ill anymore and I was very happy as our family was back to their usual selves.

My Step Dad

As my Step Dad, Jim had already climbed Ben Nevis last summer. He had told us how challenging it was and that it thoroughly exhausted him. As I am into walking and exercise, I asked if he was going to do it again and he told me he was this summer. I asked if I could tag along on his second voyage and he happily agreed.


A few weeks later, Jim had booked us a chalet to stay in while we’re in Fort William, he had also ordered equipment to climb with; walking sticks, walking boots, ski gloves, thermals etc. he had also told me that he was going to fill our rucksacks with plenty of sports drinks, sweets, sandwiches, chocolate and all other things that are nice to munch on so that we would not run out of energy or starve!


As nice as Jim is, he can also be very childish and immature. He threatened to throw me off the edge if I misbehaved. Very encouraging indeed! This remark was also worrying as I knew that Ben Nevis was rocky and very high up so if I tripped I was worried that I would fall.

Jim had also been telling me that there are yetis at the top of Ben Nevis, for a while I believed this until he tried to assure me that he was joking. I didn’t know if he was joking or not though.

I was also worried about the weather as Jim had told me that we could face all kinds of weather on the way up!

I really hope I can complete this challenge and feel free to sponsor me, I will let you guys know how I got on in July (if I haven’t been eaten by a yeti).

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