Hannah in our Fundraising team talks about how we celebrated the launch of our Now is good campaign in our London office with a day of activities, from a cake sale to a sponsored silence. 

Monday 18 January 2016      Guest blog
Now is good for office fundraising

On 4 January we launched our Now is good campaign. We’re bringing together fearless fundraisers, to unite and say now is the time to make our goal a reality – that if we all act now, by 2050, no one who develops breast cancer will die from it.

Here in the office, we celebrated the launch of the campaign with a day of fundraising activities. The day included some popular go-to choices for fundraising as well as some that were a little bit outside the box… but proved to be fundraising hits.

Putting our knowledge, and our baking skills, to the test

The Now is good photobooth premiered in the morning and continued to be popular all day. We filled the photobooth with all kinds of crazy pink props – moustaches, wigs, flamingos and pig costumes – to get everyone in the fundraising spirit. Everyone was given our brilliant Now is good photo frames, on which they could write what they would be doing to fundraise in 2016.

No office fundraising day is complete without a cake sale, and our office did not disappoint. We had more cakes than a Simmons bakery, from rocky road to sausage rolls, which made the countdown to the weekend a lot more bearable!

Not only did we have treats for the stomach, but also a treat for the mind, with the world’s first ever Now is good quiz – every question contained ‘now’, ‘is’ or ‘good’ in the answer. The winners were the fabulous Data team who scored an impressive 28/32, and have gone down in Breast Cancer Now history as the first team to win the highly coveted and shiny Now is good trophy.

Time to burn off that cake…

The quiz was quickly followed by a legs, bums and tums workout, a convenient excuse to buy some more cake. I was one of the people brave enough to take on this challenge, despite having no idea what a legs, bums and tums workout was. I can definitely say it was a brilliant class and, dare I say it, I’m thinking it should be something we do every Friday lunchtime!

Balloon animals, nail experts and a sponsored silence

Now is good office fundraising

Throughout the day we had lots of other activities going on; one of our fantastic Challenge Events Officer changed his title to Balloon Animal Extraordinaire for the day and wowed everyone with the ease in which he handled his backlog of orders for giraffes, dogs, rabbits and stegosauruses. My own stegosaurus is still going strong and providing a nice sight to look at, although he still hasn’t learnt to answer my phone.

We also gained two in-house shellac and nail experts who helped the lovely ladies of Breast Cancer Now get ready for the weekend, and were the source of lots of laughter and chit chat coming from the kitchen all day.

Plus, one fantastic, and very chatty, colleague who raised £115 by doing a sponsored silence. This was a great fundraising push and helped us to raise a fantastic £386.14!

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If you’re a quizzer, a baker, a legs bums and tums shaker, or a fundraiser, get your office together to do some fun-draising.

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About the author

Hannah Reynolds is Marketing and Analysis Executive at Breast Cancer Now, and a sewing novice.