At Breast Cancer Now we have a bold ambition – to stop women dying of this terrible disease. 

Wednesday 24 June 2015      Policy and campaigns blog
Stop women dying

Around 12,000 women die of the disease every year in the UK. That’s one every 45 minutes. And more women are being diagnosed than ever before.

In order to move from a time when people still fear breast cancer to a generation where everybody lives, we all need to work together. Crucially, we need to get decision-makers on board with us so we can keep breast cancer at the top of their agenda. We need them to be ready to work with us to help prevent women getting this disease and to make sure those who do are diagnosed early and can get the treatments they need.

What happened with the campaign before the election?

Before the General Election, through the efforts of our supporters, we contacted thousands of Parliamentary candidates.  We now have an amazing 144 MPs signed up as Breast Cancer Ambassadors. That’s 144 MPs committed to working with us and taking action for people affected by breast cancer in their constituency.

Why do we need to contact MPs again?

144 Ambassadors is a great start - but we can and must do more. With the recent election, we now have a short window of opportunity to welcome newly elected MPs and get them thinking about breast cancer as one of their key concerns as they decide on their future priorities for the next five years.

There are still 506 MPs who haven’t pledged to become Ambassadors. That's 506 MPs who haven’t yet committed to championing breast cancer issues in Westminster and their local constituency. Imagine how much stronger our voice in Parliament would be if we had them all on board.

And that’s where we need your help.

How you can help

By sending a quick email to your newly elected MP you can let them know about Breast Cancer Now and how they can support us to Stop Women Dying. And you can tell them how important it is to you, as one of their constituents, that they become a Breast Cancer Ambassador, working for people affected by the disease both locally and nationally.

And what about the fantastic 144 MPs who have already signed up? It’s time to let them know we’re ready to start working together to Stop Women Dying. If your MP has already signed up, this is your opportunity to start building a relationship with them. By working together, we can move closer to a time when nobody dies from breast cancer.

When you add your details, our website will know whether your MP has signed up to be an Ambassador and will tailor the message accordingly.

Why are MP Ambassadors so important?

The support of parliamentarians is vital to our work. It really can’t be underestimated. We need it to make sure patients can access the drugs they need, to help secure funding for the research we do, to make sure people are aware of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. They will help us to keep prevention as a priority, so we can reduce the number of women getting this disease and they can make sure we have the breast cancer services we need. Ultimately, we need their support to Stop Women Dying.

We want all MPs to work with us to tackle this disease across the UK and make it a priority over the next five years. But we need your help to make this a reality. Join our campaign to Stop Women Dying.

Stop women dying