Steven’s wife Donna has been recovering from breast cancer for the last two years. Here, Steven explains the journey he’s been through since he signed up for the Virgin Money London Marathon and why he’s so proud of his wife. 

Wednesday 22 April 2015      Challenge events blog
steven and donna

No one ever expects their most loved and cherished ones to see them sick or ill. The hearing the news knocked my wife Donna for six with the shock that 'that horrible disease' had taken hold.

But in all the time she spent in treatments, as tough as they were, I never once saw her complain or show distress.

Without the support network and amazing medicine, I know my best friend would be not be with me today.

the least I can do is try and raise some money for such an important cause in the hope that others will not have to face the challenge Donna didSo, to say a big, big 'thank you', 

Running the London Marathon this year will be a tough challenge for me, but it is well worth it knowing that my brave and tough wife is there for me throughout the journey.

Fundraising has been a great way to give something back and we have managed to raise thousands of pounds for this amazing cause. We have sold company hoodies and swimming hats coupled with triathlon running visors.

We've also shared our thoughts with so many who in turn have made truly wonderful and inspiring donations. JustGiving is a simple and cool way to communicate with so many, and we love Facebook and have managed to reach a huge audience with our story.

Many people have been touched by this disease, yet their amazing support and acknowledgement have been inspiring and has given us both a new lease of life.

I won't lie, training has been tough. I'd never run before this and recall hurting a lot on my first two mile session when I started training back in September. I've eaten and trained well believing in the journey, so much so that I've lost two stone in weight and smashed 21 miles in training. It really has been life changing!

Money cannot change what happened to Donna, but it sure goes a long way to helping so many people through these incredibly tough times and gives hope that one day there will be a cureWe thank everyone for their love and affection. 

Roll on Sunday 26 April - we know it's going to be emotional, but boy oh boy is it going to be worth it!

Thanks to Steven and all of his supporters for showing their support for our research. We look forward to cheering all of our team on this Sunday and we'll have more marathon blogs to share over the next few days.

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