Season’s greetings and a look back on our highlights of a wonderful year

Monday 11 December 2017      Community blog

Season’s greetings from everybody here at Breast Cancer Now! From skydiving to signing petitions and more, everything you have done to support our work this year has brought us even closer to our goal that, by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live. We can’t thank you enough. Here’s how you helped:

Your Top Achievements of 2017

Researcher Chris Lord
You made life-saving research happen
Whether you put on a bake sale, wore it pink, or took on one of our incredible challenge events, every incredible fundraising effort and regular donation this year has helped us to fund millions of pounds of cutting edge research. That’s powering nearly 450 researchers in their mission to stop breast cancer from taking lives, including many of the world’s top breast cancer scientists, at more than 30 institutions across the UK and Ireland.


Breast cancer now campaigners outside the houses of parliamentYou influenced change
Your campaigning has helped ensure that the most effective treatments are being made available to women with incurable breast cancer. Over 128,000 of you signed petitions which were crucial in ensuring women across the UK will now be able to access Kadcyla. Other drugs have also been approved for routine use on the NHS, including palbociclib in England and Scotland, with Wales and Northern Ireland expected to follow suit. This means thousands will gain access to drugs that could provide more quality time with their families and loved ones, because of you.


Breast cancer researchYou witnessed breakthroughs
Thanks to your continued support, we were delighted to see that, after a major clinical trial, the drug Olaparib was shown to delay progression of secondary breast cancer by an average of three months compared to chemotherapy. Olaparib – which is one of a new type of drug called PARP inhibitors – was helped into development thanks to landmark research at our Breast Cancer Now Toby Robins Research Centre back in 2005. So you can see that, though getting drugs developed takes time, your fundraising, campaigning and all round wonderful efforts really do add up to extra time for everyone affected by breast cancer.  

Breast Cancer Now app
You were breast aware
This year you tested your knowledge with our breast quiz, kicked the booze for Dry January in your thousands, and an incredible amount of you downloaded our Breast Check Now app. By being breast aware, and encouraging others to TLC (Touch Look Check) too, you are helping to make sure we catch more cases of breast cancer in their earlier, easier to treat stages, as well as helping people to take actions that could reduce their risk of ever developing this devastating disease in the first place. 


Breast Cancer Now would be nothing without you. Without you baking cakes. Without you running marathons. Without your continuous support. So every time you think about getting your trainers on, or getting your community together, setting up a raffle or giving a little extra in your monthly donation – remember that your actions, no matter how big or small, can create a better future for everybody who develops breast cancer.  


I hope you can see how much of an impact you’ve made this year – let’s not stop now. In 2018 we will be one step closer to our goal that, by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live. You’ve given so much in 2017, so that we could achieve so many wonderful things together.

What will you do next?