Paul Head, Breast Cancer Now's Senior Campaigns Officer, gives an update on our campaign in Wales, which is calling on Welsh Assembly members to take action against breast cancer.

Thursday 7 April 2016      Policy and campaigns blog
Welsh Assembly Election Campaign

At Breast Cancer Now, we believe we can stop women dying from breast cancer by 2050 – but that’s only if we all act now.

With breast cancer being the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Wales and around 600 women dying from the disease every year, we know a lot more needs to be done if we are going to make that ambition a reality.

That’s why, ahead of this year’s elections in Wales, we’ve been calling on Assembly candidates to sign up to become Breast Cancer Ambassadors if they’re elected in May. By becoming Ambassadors, they’re committing to do their bit to help us stop women dying of breast cancer in Wales. That could mean helping to promote awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer in their community or it could involve them taking action at a national level – anything they can do in their role as an Assembly Member to help us stop this disease taking lives.

We ran a similar campaign ahead of the General Election in 2015, targeting Parliamentary candidates. We now have nearly 200 MPs acting as Breast Cancer Ambassadors. Since the election those MPs have helped us champion breast cancer issues in Parliament and they are making a real difference. For example, one Welsh MP, Nick Thomas-Symonds, introduced a Bill to improve access to off-patent drugs and another, Alun Cairns MP, is running the London Marathon for us.

Now we want to see the same commitment and action from Members of the Welsh Assembly.

So, if you haven’t already, please get in touch with your local candidates and let them know you would like them to become Ambassadors if elected in May.

The campaign so far

The campaign has got off to a flying start and in just a few short weeks, over 1000 emails have been sent to Assembly candidates. We’ve received cross-party support for the campaign and some high-profile Assembly Members are signed up to be Breast Cancer Ambassadors if they’re re-elected in May.

The backing that we’ve received from candidates so far is all down to our supporters taking action. Without them emailing their local candidates we wouldn’t be making the impact we are.

It’s been a great start to the campaign, but we know we can do much better.

Get involved

The more candidates hear from local people, the more likely they are to back the campaign and sign up to become Breast Cancer Ambassadors – we need to demonstrate to them that stopping women dying from breast cancer is something people in Wales want them to make a priority in the next Assembly.

If you live in Wales, with just a few clicks, you can let all the candidates in your area know that you want them to become an Ambassador – it only takes a minute and could make a huge difference.

Email your candidates

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Paul Head is Senior Campaigns Officer at Breast Cancer Now.

He supports our high-level campaigners and leads our campaigning work in Wales and Northern Ireland.