New statistics from Breast Cancer Campaign show that Brits do have a soft spot for helping others.

Monday 20 October 2014      General
32 million Brits fundraise for charity... and feel good doing it

Fundraising teams across the country can rejoice today as the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity, Breast Cancer Campaign, shares survey findings showing that more than half (52%) of Brits still take the time to fundraise for charity.

The survey1 has been launched in the lead up to Breast Cancer Campaign’s flagship fundraiser wear it pink, which encourages people up and down the country to ‘Look good, do good’ on Friday 24th October to raise vital funds for life-saving breast cancer research.

Findings, which highlight the fundraising habits of the UK population, show that 32 million of us take part in at least one fundraising activity a year. Nearly half (48%) also said that they feel good raising money for charity, despite some (35%) saying that financial constraints can make it difficult for them to get involved. Surprisingly, despite earning less, 18-24 year olds are the most generous age group with over half (53%) saying that donating and fundraising for charity makes them feel good. Similarly over two thirds (65%) said that helping others makes them feel good, compared to only half (50%) of their older peers (aged 35-44).

The survey, which polled 2000 UK adults, also showed that:

  • 55% of Brits say that helping others makes them feel good
  • 38% have sponsored a friend completing a charitable activity
  • Over half of Brits have given a one off donation to charity in the last year
  • More than a third have purchased a charity item in the last 12 months

Danielle Atkinson, Head of Public Fundraising, Breast Cancer Campaign, said:

“These stats are testament to the importance of having a diverse range of fundraising activities available for people to get involved in. They also show that events, such as wear it pink, are becoming increasingly popular, with the same number of people (10%) opting to wear a fashion item for charity, as those completing a sports event.”

According to the results, Brits still loosen the purse strings for charity, with only 10% admitting they would rather spend their money elsewhere and less than 9% saying they can’t be bothered to support a charity. Those in Yorkshire top the poll as the most charitable with nearly two thirds (58%) saying that donating and fundraising for charity makes them feel good, compared to only four in ten (40%) of those in the capital.  

Danielle concludes:

“It’s heart-warming that so many Brits still have traditional values of giving to others and consider charity fundraising important. It’s particularly impressive that so many younger people are getting involved. Social media and digital fundraising platforms have really helped to increase the community, making it easier for the 44% of 18-24 year olds who say they sponsored a friend this year. Our results also show that over 22% say they feel happy wearing pink. If every person who said they felt happy in pink donated their £3 we could raise a staggering £42million for life-saving breast cancer research.”

This year Breast Cancer Campaign invites you to ‘Look good, do good’, by wearing a pink item to the office, at home or while socialising with family or friends. To help support critical breast cancer research projects in the UK and Ireland you can register to take part in wear it pink.

1. The Survey, conducted by Censuswide, polled 2000 people aged 18+ in the UK between 17.09.2014 - 19.09.2014.