A huge thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Generations Walk who, over the last 17 years, have collectively walked 85 kilometres through sun, rain and shine, and raised £500,000.

Saturday 9 August 2014      General
Baroness Morgan thanks the Generations Walk

What an amazing result. The efforts, the footsteps and all of the laughs along the way have seen you all contribute a fantastic £500,000 towards critical research into breast cancer, ensuring that our amazing scientists are pushing forever forward towards a cure.

From everyone here at Breast Cancer Campaign, our thanks ring out across the years and miles – thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts. Of course none of this would have been made possible without the drive and passion of our dearest supporter, Cheryl Stakol.

Cheryl was able to galvanise thousands of walkers to come with her on her mission to beat breast cancer. Let me take us down memory lane as we remember those good (and sometimes wet!) times.

The Generations Walk through the years

On 28 June 1998, 80 people gathered on Hampstead Heath to cross the start line on the first of Cheryl’s walks for breast cancer. Straight away the event was a great success and those of you who took part in year one raised a terrific £10,000 for our important research. That day proved to be the start of something very special.

The walk became an annual event as Cheryl and her committee were keen to keep fit, stay positive and bring people together to march over the Heath! Needless to say, you all came, you marched and you all ensured that the event went from strength to strength.

Together, over the last 17 years, you have collectively walked 85 kilometres through sun, rain and shine, and raised £500,000 - I think you can all be very proud to have been a part of this incredible journey.

The 2014 Generations Walk

And so to 29 June 2014. As you all know, Cheryl sadly passed away last year, so the Committee and Nicky, Cheryl’s daughter, were really keen that the Generations Walk have a final push for this ultimate walk so that a lasting legacy could be left.

More people took part than ever before, with over 350 men, women and children walking across Hampstead Heath as the sun shone on a beautiful morning. This year’s walk broke all previous records, raising an incredible £50,000! Huge thanks go to everyone who took part or gave donations, and to the committee for working tirelessly to deliver a stellar event.

Since the Generations Walk began started, together with other fundraising initiatives Cheryl was involved in and the extra donations of many friends and family, it has raised an extraordinary amount of money to fund vital breast cancer research.

This £500,000 has been channelled into world-class research that we know will ensure women and families in the future have every hope of overcoming and outliving breast cancer.

Thank you

I’ve no doubt you’ll agree this is an amazing achievement, and it could not have been reached without the support and incredible generosity of supporters like you. Thank you for achieving this landmark target alongside Cheryl.

So all that is left to say is thanks from us all - thanks to Janine and Nicky and all those who have served on the committee over the years, to the Stakol Family, and to all the friends, relatives and colleagues who gave up their weekends and more, to join in the fun of the Generations Walk and other fundraising activities.

Your efforts will go down in Breast Cancer Campaign history and we will, on your behalf, ensure that the very best and brilliant research is funded to make sure that our future generations’ experience of breast cancer is better than the ones before.

Do stay in touch, do stay involved, but in the meantime, do feel proud to have been part of an incredible journey.

What’s the old adage? 'It’s not the destination but the journey that counts.'