Statistics released by leading charity Prostate Cancer UK have today shown that the number of men dying from prostate cancer every year has overtaken the number of women dying from breast cancer, making prostate cancer the third biggest cancer killer in the UK.

Friday 2 February 2018      Latest research

The new figures for 2015 outline that over 11,800 men now die from prostate cancer every year in the UK – compared to nearly 11,500 women who die from breast cancer. Lung cancer and bowel cancer remain the top two most common cancers to die from.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Now, said:

"Thanks to research progress, more women are surviving the disease than ever before – but now is not the time to be complacent about breast cancer. Comparing survival figures in this way must not hide the very real concerns that progress on breast cancer in the UK is now stalling.

"Being diagnosed with breast cancer is still absolutely devastating for so many women and their families. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK – and with 11,500 women and 80 men having their lives cut short by the disease every single year, there is much more to be done.

"We urgently need to invest in research to stop more patients dying from breast, prostate and many other cancers. This week’s report in the Lancet has unfortunately shone a harsh spotlight once more on cancer survival in this country, across the board, compared to the rest of world.

"We continue to lag behind Europe on survival for patients living with many different cancers, including breast cancer, and we need to do everything we can, together, to reverse this trend."