Half of breast cancer patients could one day benefit from having progesterone added to their treatment. 
Thursday 9 July 2015      Latest research
Breast cancer patients could benefit from progesterone treatment

Around half of all breast cancer patients could one day benefit from having the cheap and widely-available female hormone progesterone added to their treatment, according to research published today in Nature.

Dr Richard Berks, Senior Research Communications Officer at Breast Cancer Now, said: “This is a fascinating finding and one that sheds important light on the role of progesterone receptors in breast cancer, previously something of a conundrum within the field. Further research is now needed to help understand whether progesterone could benefit patients; if successful, this could be a cheap and effective treatment that benefits tens of thousands of women with breast cancer.

“This is a prime example of how research is critical in helping not just to develop new treatments but also to improve the treatments we already have, which will be essential if we are to stop women dying from breast cancer. We very much look forward to the results of future work in this particular area.”

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