Women with incurable breast cancer in Scotland are being denied more time to live, because they can’t get a drug called Perjeta. We're campaigning to change this.

Wednesday 9 May 2018      Campaigns and policy
Jen Hardy campaigning with us for Perjeta Now in Scotland

Jen Hardy, from Edinburgh is living with HER2 positive secondary breast cancer.  She has been denied Perjeta which could give her up to 16 extra months of precious time with her family. 

For the many women who are living with secondary breast cancer what matters most is spending as much good quality time as they can with those they love. Women with incurable breast cancer simply want more time to live.  
Perjeta is a life changing drug that has been the standard of care in England for over four years.  Its benefits are extraordinary, offering women with incurable HER 2-positive secondary breast cancer nearly 16 extra months of life on average compared to other treatments.  
Women who live in England or Wales can get Perjeta, for free, on the NHS.  But, women who live in Scotland can’t.  Women with incurable breast cancer living in Scotland are effectively being told that this life changing drug is simply too expensive for the NHS.  
It’s time to end this injustice.  We know that negotiations are happening right now.  We need to make sure the Scottish Government, drug company Roche and the Scottish Medicines Consortium work together and agree a deal to make Perjeta available in Scotland. We need to see Roche offer a fair price and the Scottish Government (NHS) to be more flexible in the way it negotiates deals. 

Petitions, like this one, have the power to make change happen. 

Thousands signed our petition to make Kadcyla - another revolutionary drug for secondary breast cancer – available in Scotland. And it worked.  Last year, Kadcyla was approved for routine use on the NHS in Scotland.   
We need the same to happen with Perjeta.