It has, this afternoon (4 November 2015), been announced that the innovative secondary breast cancer drug, Kadcyla, will remain available through the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) for new patients, as a result of negotiations between Roche and NHS England.

Wednesday 4 November 2015      Campaigns and policy
Kadcyla will remain on the Cancer Drugs Fund

Unfortunately, they were unable to come to an agreement on Avastin for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer but, as before, it's important to note that no one currently receiving treatment through the Fund will have that treatment discontinued.

Today's revised list of cancer drugs available via the Fund applies to new patients only.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive of Breast Cancer Now, said:

“More than 42,000 people joined our call on Roche to reduce the price of Kadcyla, and keep it available through the Cancer Drugs Fund, so we’re pleased that our voices have been heard."

“It’s encouraging to learn that Roche and NHS England have been able to come to a deal, but patients relying on other delisted drugs such as the breast cancer drug Avastin for future treatments will no doubt be devastated. There’s a bigger problem with our drug access and pricing system that will not go away.

“Now we’re looking to the Prime Minister to show leadership on this issue. A better, more flexible system will benefit the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals, and – most importantly of all – the patients whose lives depend on these treatments.

“We mustn't let today’s victory on Kadcyla distract from the bigger job at hand. It’s time for the government to act. Patients cannot wait any longer for a system that works.”

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