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How you could raise £100-1000 in one day

Check out some ideas on how you could reach your fundraising target, whether it be £100 or £1,000.

We hope your wear it pink planning is going well! We’re thrilled to be able to share a wonderful wear it pink day with you, raising crucial funds to help make life-saving research and life-changing support happen. 

To help you on your way, we’ve put together some ideas on how you could reach your fundraising target – whether it be £100 or £1,000. First things first, though, have you registered for your fabulous free fundraising pack? If not, register here. 

How you could raise £100 

Depending on how many people you get involved, it can be surprisingly easy to raise an amazing £100 with around 20 people. You can do this at work, at home or at school. First, encourage everyone to wear pink and donate around £2 for the privilege of looking extra fabulous. 

Then get just a few friends or colleagues to help you bake or make a few items for a food sale, wherever you’re holding your event. Ask for a donation of a pound or 2 per yummy treat and watch your collection box fill up. 

How you could raise £300 

Like raising £100 – you want to start out with encouraging everyone to wear pink with you, donating a few pounds each. 

Ask a few people (we recommend asking around 5 for a helpful hand) to help you bake treats for your bake sale: anything from delicious cakes to a healthy treat.  

Try to set everything out nicely and add a few fun games or activities. You can put out our pink sweepstake, ask people to guess how many sweets are in a jar, or take part in a raffle for a donated prize. 

Make the area fun and full of activities people can get involved in, like a photo booth using hilarious pink props or even set up a quick game of bingo.

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How you could raise £800-£1000 

Make your impact huge for all those affected by breast cancer. Have a read of the above, and plan all of that into your wonderful fundraising day: ask everyone to wear pink, hold a delicious bake sale with the help of some friends and play a sweepstake and other fun games you can download on our website. You could even make it competitive – hold a sweepstake for the best dressed team or person or get those who didn’t wear pink to make a double donation.  

Why not head to a local hang-out spot and host your very own pub-quiz? You can use our pink quiz or write your own. Ask everyone if they’d like to donate to enter, and battle it out for the master of the minds.

Or think about what would make your event unique – do you have a hidden talent or hobby that would make your wear it pink event stand out from the crowd? Here’s some inspiration on how to use your hobby to raise more.

Whatever you do, make it fun and inclusive for everyone. Large or small, your fundraising matters and will go such a long way in creating a better future for all those affected by breast cancer. So, thank you – and good luck! 

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