Being a glass half full kind of person has helped Liz since being diagnosed with grade 2 stage 2 triple negative breast cancer in 2022.

I’m 45 and live in London with my wonderful husband Joe and our 2 young children (8 and 6). I recently began my journey back to work, as communications manager at a children’s cancer charity, Neuroblastoma UK.  

After being diagnosed with grade 2 stage 2 triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), I had chemotherapy with immunotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and am now having immunotherapy on its own.  

Before my diagnosis, I never realised there were so many different types of breast cancer  

When the consultant told me I had TNBC it meant nothing to me. I had some research to do! The stats for TNBC make for scary reading but it's been incredibly encouraging to read recent updates from Breast Cancer Now about treatment and research into TNBC. I'm so lucky - the chemo and surgery were successful and there was no evidence of the disease spreading or even remaining. 

I love being outdoors so even though I've not put the trainers back on since my diagnosis, I walk everywhere

I’ve always aimed to stay fit and have tried several things, such as running a marathon (never again!), fundraising runs, yoga and most recently I took part in the Lakes to London challenge by walking during treatment. I used this to raise funds for Breast Cancer Now and was the top individual fundraiser!  

I've got a creative streak but have never really made the time to develop it, so I'm going to start learning the piano and maybe do some art and craft classes. I have a renewed sense of something, whether that be self or purpose I don't know but something has changed and I just want to do more, try more and live more.  

My mum has been an absolute rock

I know she found it really hard when I was diagnosed but she's been there for me and my little family throughout my treatment. She's in her 70s and lives in Kent but travelled up to London most weeks to help with the kids, cook dinners, help around the house and keep me company. She's an absolute star, a wonderful mum and nana. I just had to get her involved in wear it pink too, as it’s a journey we've been on together and getting involved together was a lovely way to mark it. 

Smiley photo of Liz

There are amazing things happening with research into breast cancer - if we can help to do even more by simply wearing pink, then let's do it!  

Be bold! I LOVE my pink trousers - I stepped out of my comfort zone buying them but I loved them so much I didn't care! I bought bright pink lipstick to wear to my chemo sessions too.  Life is too short to be beige.  

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